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The warship, whose maiden voyage never came to an end, one of the grand ships of its time, Vasa is today a heritage museum that gives you the opportunity to look into the culture and sculptures of seventeenth century. The impressive Vasa Museum is a popular attraction of Stockholm located near Djurgarden in Sweden.

Vasa Museum Stockholm Sweden

The chronological Vasa Museum is the museum which is exhibiting the only preserved ship of seventeenth century which is with any doubt a unique art. The Vasa Museum gained popularity day after day, soon after its completion that took 333 years. The salvaged Vasa Ship was ready for exhibition in 1990. Vasa Museum was officially opened to public on fifteen June 1990.

Vasa Ship Sweden

The Vasa Ship is sixty nine meters in length and was designed as a warship. The ship has been reserved in such a way that more than 95 percent of it is original. While looking into the four defined portions of the Vasa Ship you will be amazed by hundreds of carved sculptures. For the visitors there is a gift shop to buy the souvenirs and a restaurant with a pleasant environment. to sit in and have some refreshment.

Vasa Warship

The history of the Vasa Warship goes back to tenth of August when she was sent to sail as a part of Sweden Navy but the maiden voyage proved to be the last voyage as it sank after a sailing for 20 minutes. The ship sank and the on board passengers tried to save themselves but still 150 casualties occurred. The ship hardly covered a distance of 1300 meters. The Vasa Ship was built by Master shipwright Henrik Hybertsson who has proved his skills quiet and delivered Sweden navy a few very fine ships prior to Vasa that were equipped for war, but he was a green horn when it came to build a ship with two gun-decks.

Vasa Museum Stockholm

The guides and the corresponding staff of Vasa Museum shares the insight on sinking causes, rebuilding and conservation in a very interesting and interactive manner. The popularity of the Vasa Museum is surely because of the effort that has been made to preserve the history through a ship that is now not merely a ship but a door that takes you to that the time of King Gustav II Adolf.

Vasa Museum

The Google rating for the Vasa Museum is 4.6 stars. The nautical history museum is appreciated by most of the visitors even by those who are with different interests. The entry is free for children below the age of 18. The museum is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm. There are several movies that have been made on the historic Vasa Ship in thirteen different languages. If you are someone who loves history or want to spend some quality time in educating yourself the famous Vasa Museum of the Stockholm is the right place for you.

Vasa Museum Sweden

Vasa Ship at Vasa Museum

Vasa Ship

Vasa Warship Vasa Museum

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