Waterloo City – Ontario (Canada)

Waterloo city, built near the site where the famous battle of Waterloo was fought is a city in Southern Ontario, Canada. The settlement for the land of Waterloo was incorporated with the Iroquois alliance made by the League of Six Nations. Waterloo is the smallest of the three cities included in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.

Waterloo Canada

The total area of Waterloo city is 21.03 km2 (8.12 sq mi). Waterloo foundation was laid as a village in 1857, later became Town of Waterloo in 1876 and finally emerged as City of Waterloo in 1948. Waterloo and Kitchener are often associated with each other and called as “Kitchener-Waterloo” or “KW”, although both cities are run by different authorities. The present population of Waterloo is approximately 135,000.

Waterloo City Hall

Waterloo has evolved dynamically in the field of Science and Technology in the past years. Waterloo is a place where you can find headquarters of some of the famous hi-tech companies including Blackberry, Dalsa, Descartes Systems Group, Maplesoft, MKS Inc., Open Text Corporation, Sandvine and Kik Messenger.

Marsland Center

The top attractions of the Waterloo city are THEMUSEUM, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, Waterloo Park, Bechtel Park, Lexington Park, Laurel Creek Conservation Area, Centre for International Governance Innovation, Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Conestoga Mall, RIM Park, Waterloo Memorial Recreational Complex and Seagram Museum.

Waterloo City Ontario Canada

Waterloo is also famous for several festivals it hosts. Some of the popular festivals are Winterloo formerly known as Ice Dogs Festival (February), GO! Music Festival (March), Waterloo County & Area Quilt Festival (May), Uptown Country Festival (June), Canada Day Fireworks (July), Serbian Food Festival (July), Waterloo Busker Carnival (August), CAFKA (September), Royal Medieval Faire (September), Oktoberfest Parade (October), Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest (October) and many more throughout the year.

Waterloo City Ontario

Waterloo City

Waterloo Hall Clock Tower

Waterloo In Winters

Waterloo Kitchener Sculptures

Waterloo Kitchener

Waterloo Ontario

Waterloo Town Square

Waterloo Victoria Park


Photo Source: Palojono, lfwaterloo, Wikipedia, Waterlooinsider

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