The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum – San José (Costa Rica)

Gold is an element known to humanity for its worth from ages. One such museum that exhibits gold items dated back to 500 AD is the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum located in San José, Costa Rica. The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum is located near Plaza de La Cultura and is under the supervision of Banco Central de Costa Rica.

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum has an orientation section and the other is exhibiting section. In the introduction section the tourist are educated about the culture and its connection with the history of metallurgy. The second section is literally all about “Gold”. The Gold items are displayed in gold showcases along with the dates so one can follow the timeline.

Gold Museum Pre-Columbian

The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum exhibits a great collection of 1600 gold artifacts. Some of the most famous exhibiting items are the first coin of Costa Rica, jewelry, the minted Media Escudo, animal figurines (fish, jaguars, frogs and turtles), amulets, erotic statuettes and El Guerrero (warrior figure). In the year 1950, 88 items were added to the display after being unearthed from a banana plantation.

Gold Museum

The visit to Pre-Columbian Gold Museum shows the importance of gold in the Costa Rican history. The gold has been a symbol of power. The displayed items are also a manifestation of the crafting abilities of the craftsmen of that time. The date of displayed items ranges from 500 AD to 1500 AD.

Pre Columbian Gold Museum Costa Rica

The Google Rating for the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum is 4.2 stars. The visitors enjoy the gold items and the relevant history. The animal figurines and statues are highly admired. The place is adjacent to the Money Museum which is also recommended by several visitors. The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum is a must visit for those who want to look into the history of gold from Costa Rican perspective.

Gold Museum Costa Rica

Pre Columbian Gold Museum

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum Costa Rica

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum San Jose Costa Rica

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum San Jose

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