Bok Tower Gardens – Florida (USA)

The Bok Tower Gardens built on the Iron Mountain is a refreshing site to visit and enjoy the sophisticatedly planted gardens. The Bok Towers Gardens is also known as Bok Mountain Lake Sanctuary and Singing Tower. The Bok Towers Garden is a National Historic Landmark with a radiant garden and bird sanctuary. The Bok Towers Garden is located in the north of Lake Wales in Florida, United States.

Bok Tower Garden USA

The Bok Towers Garden is built on an area of 250-acre garden. The prominent building of the Bok Tower Garden is the Singing Tower with its carillon bells. The height of the Bok Tower Garden is 205-foot (62 m). Other prominent features include Pine Ridge Trail, Pinewood Estate, and a visitor center.

Bok Tower Garden

The Bok Tower Gardens were built in 1927-1929 by Mary Louise Curtis and Edward W. Bok. The architect of the famous Bok Tower Gardens was Milton B. Medary. The architectural style followed is Gothic Revival. The library added to the Bok Tower Gardens features huge collection of books regarding the history of Bok Towers Garden.

Bok Tower Gardens Floor

The prominent plantations of the Bok Tower Gardens include acres of ferns, palms, oaks, pines, camellias, tree ferns, creeping fig, yaupon and dahoon holly, Asiatic jasmine, justicia, crinum and spider lily, monstera, wax myrtle, date and sabal palm, papyrus, philodendron, blue plumbago, and horsetail rush. You can also find wild turkeys and sandhill cranes wandering in the garden.

Bok Tower Gardens Florida

The Google rating for the Bok Tower Gardens is 4.6 stars. Most of the tourists enjoy the scenic view, orchids and the tower. The Bok Tower Garden is open daily and the entrance is free of charge. The Bok Tower Gardens is an amazing place to be with a great ambiance, fragrant gardens and some history to go through. It is a great place to visit when in Florida.

Bok Tower Gardens Pinewood Estate

Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower

Inside View of Bok Tower Gardens

Singing Tower

The Bok Tower Gardens Florida

The Bok Tower Gardens

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