Times Square – New York (USA)

As Dhani Makalani Jones the former American football linebacker puts it, “I always have a positive reaction to Times Square – you’ve got so many people passing through here, so many cultures, and so many people merging into the central community of New York City. This is the hub of America”. Times Square can be marked as the representative spot of New York which is illustration of the fact “the city never sleeps”.

Hub of America

The Crossroads of the World or The Centre of the Universe or the heart of The Great White Way whatever you call it, Times Square located in New York City is without any doubts one of the busiest pedestrian intersections of the world. Times Square is a great place to shop, attend events, witness multicultural environment and observe what New York is all about. It is a major commercial intersection located at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. Previously it was known as Longacre Square.

New York City

Times Square is famous for a number of reasons. One major reason is it being hub of the Broadway Theater District along with the mere fact that the place is also a major center of the world’s entertainment industry. The busiest Pedestrian interaction draws more than fifty million visitors annually. On daily basis Times Square is crossed by 330,000 people including a large number of tourists.

New York

Times Square is famous for New York annual tradition of ball-drop on New Year’s Eve. Time Square is one of the spots that has been admired by most of the famous people including, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jimmy Fallon, Marlo Thomas, Dan Rather, James Wolcott, Eric Holder, Jennifer Garner, Allison Williams, Janeane Garofalo, Ashley Wagner and the list never ends.


The Google rating of Times Square is 4.6 stars. Notified as, one of the best place to get the true spirit of New York by most of the visitors. The place is also referred as eye candy by some with eye catching signs, colorful food options, video displays and mega stores. Times Square is also a great place to snap a picture. Be a part of the alive crowd and enjoy true essence of America.

Times Square America

Times Square New York City USA

Times Square New York US

Times Square New York

TImes Square NY America

Times Square NYC USA

Times Square NYC

Times Square USA

Times Square

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