Dans Mountain – Maryland (USA)

Dans Mountain with all its glory stands high in the Allegany County of Maryland, United States of America. The exact location of the Dans Mountain falls between Georges Creek and North Branch Potomac River. The gigantic Dans Mountain is a part of Allegheny Mountains. Dans Mountain is known to be a popular spot for tourist.

Dans Mountain Maryland

There is story behind the name of the Dans Mountain. The story revolves around the first settlers of Allegany County named as Daniel Cresap and Delaware Indian named Nemacolin. Danial was known to be very adventurous hunter. During one chase of a bear he fell and lay unconscious. Nemacolin saved his life and dragged him to a safe place. From then on the Mountain is called Dans Mountain.

Dans Mountain

Dan’s Rock is the highest point on the Dans Mountain with an elevation of 2,895 feet. The mountain elevates to 2,200 feet above the town of LaVale. Dans Mountain is the highest point in the Allegany County but not of Maryland. The easiest way to climb the mountain is to drive up and enjoy the sceneries on the way.

Dans Mountains Maryland

The summit has a park associated with it named as Dans Mountain State park, lies along the 16 mile stretch of mountain. Another prominent feature is the Dan’s Rock Overlook that proves to be the highest scenic spot. The mountain area is under the supervision of Dan’s Mountain Wildlife Management Area. The total area under supervision is 9,504 acres.

Dans Mountains

Dans Mountain is popular with the tourists due to the natural beauty, vastness and amazing adventurous tracks. Dans Mountain although not the highest still is the most popular one in Maryland due to the most remarkable escarpment of Maryland’s mountain. The spot is ideal for adventure lovers.

View From Dans Mountain Maryland

View From Dans Mountains

Photo Source: Summitpost

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