Bastille Fortress – Paris (France)

Some places become important not for their architectural manifestation but because of the history and the events connected to them. One such place is Bastille Fortress of France which was built in the time zone of 1370-1380s, formerly known as Bastille Saint-Antoine. Bastille Fortress was built by Charles V of France.

Once a glory and magnificent fortress, the place where episodes of the Hundred Years’ War between England and France, the Wars of Religion, the Fronde and the French Revolution took place, is today only marked by a stone foundation. Nothing is left but the remains in the remembrance of the historic tales connected to the Bastille Fortress.

Bastille Fortress Before Revolution

The Bastille Day celebrated on 14th of July since 1789 is the day when Fortress was crowded by the revolutionists as a part of French Republican Movement. This day was marked as the flashpoint of French Revolution by Parisians, today celebrated as a French National Holiday. It was demolished and replaced by Place de la Bastille.

Bastille Fortress Storming

The Fortress Bastille built in 14th Century as a shield from the war attacks expected from England, after its demolishment was a spot of revolutions, protests and popular fiction making it an important symbol for the French Revolution. The Bastille Fort in fifteenth Century came under the control of English in 1420 until in 1436 it was again conquered by Charles VII of France. It use as a prison continued.

Bastille Fortress

The Fortress Bastille remained as prison in the Reign of Louis XIV and the Regency (1661–1723) and Reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI (1723–1789). There was an addition of a garden and several other structures were rebuilt. This Medieval fortress has been used as a prison for the elite class of French Society in the time of Louis XIV. The detention in the Bastille was done by careful decision of the emperor Louis himself. In Louis XIV reign, people were notified through a sealed letter and notified through a special white baton tapped on the shoulder. The reason for detention was kept secret.

Prise de la Bastille

Until the French Revolution, Bastille Fortress has remained a center for the implication of French policies and political control, which has played an important role in formulating the French History. This is one place that gives the insight of the French History and embarks the revolutionary tale of today’s France.

Where Bastille Fortress Once Stood

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