The Spanish Riding School – Vienna (Austria)

For all those who have the ultimate Spanish taste, love horses, enjoy riding and the royal attributes connected to them the Spanish Riding School is a gem. Brace yourself to witness riders in the 200 year old traditional dress and the tick tock of trained horses in the vicinity of the Spanish Riding School.

Spanish Riding School-  Vienna, Austria

The Spanish Riding School is located in Vienna, Austria since 1729. The empire style dress is a unique element of the show along with the sophisticated maneuver of the horses. The Riders in brown tailcoats, white buckskin breeches topped with bicorne-style hats and black top riding boots connect you to the old times.

Kapriole HRS Wien

The horse show follows François Robichon de la Gueriniere’s methods which are believed to be used by the Riding School as a pre-war preparation in old times. The common myth follows that the horses were trained to improve their power and strength that aided them in proving to be a great athletes in the time of battles and wars. You can witness all movements of the horses in the show put on by the Spanish Riding School every winter.


During the visit to the Spanish Riding School you will find yourself looking at the finest breed of the horses including Lipizzan breed now known as Lipica in modern Slovenia. The horses are prepared for the show via three stages including Remontenschule: (“forward riding”), Campagneschule: (“campaign school”) and Hohe Schule: (“high school” or Haute Ecole).

Spanish Riding School Vienna Austria

The Google rating for the Spanish Riding School is 4.1 stars. It is a common tourist spot, especially for horse lovers. Another important fact that reveals it popularity is the presence of its imprint on the coin of 5 euro, minted on January 18, 2006. The Spanish Riding School is a great place to see the sophisticated and royal movement of the horses. For horse lovers it’s a place not to be missed in Vienna.

HRS Winterreitschule

The Spanish Riding School Austria

HRS Schulquadrille

Photo Source: Arrangementsabroad, Thirteen, Heynadine, Allfamouswonders

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