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The historical Red Square is referred as a city square which connects the major highways of Russia. Red Square is a dividing junction former royal citadel and Kitai-gorod. Presently Royal citadel is the residence of the Russian President. Yesterday’s piece of cold war, Red Square is today’s famous tourist spot which serves as a central place for carrying out several events.

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The name Red Square has originated from Russian word krasnaya that originally meant beautiful. Several artists including Vasily Surikov, Konstantin Yuon have revealed the rich history of Red Square in their paintings. Red Square is also famous for the unique architecture and the modern embellishments added to it.

Historic Moscow Red Square Russia

The Red square was built for multiple purposes, one of the major one was a place to hold balls. Red Square was also a key spot for carrying out several public ceremonies and proclamations. It was also a place which served for the occasional coronation for Russia’s Tsars. As time passed the value of the square emerged specifically, when it was a main place that served for the official ceremonies of Russian government.

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The Red Square has also been included in the heritage site of UNESCO in 1990. Today Red Square is a happening spot where you can see concerts, parades, historical displays and several other events from time to time. The major sites near Red Square include Lenin’s Mausoleum, Kazan Cathedral, State Historical Museum, Iberian Gate and Chapel and bronze statue of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky.

Moscow Red Square

The Google rating for the Red Square is 4.7 stars. Most of the people review it as a great place to be when in Russia. Red Square is famous for its events and architecture. Red Square is also a recommended spot for historians. If you are about to visit Russia, then this one place can give you the insight of the Russian history.

Historic Red Square

Moscow Red Square Russia

Moscow Red Square

Moscow, Red Square

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Red Square

Red Square Moscow

Red Square Moscow Russia

Red Square Moscow Travel

Red Square Moscow

Red Square Night View

Red Square Russia Moscow

Red Square Russia

Red Square

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