Heaven’s Gate Mountain- Zhangjiajie (China)

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds”, these words of Edward Abbey are just right for the trails of Tainmen Shan leading to a luminescent cave, located in Zhangjiajie, the Hunan Province of China.

Heaven's Gate Mountain China

Tianmen Shan is counted among the very few naturally formed arches with a precise known date. The total span of the Tianmen Shan is about 55 meters with a height of about 130 meters. It is mentioned in the documents of “Three Kingdoms” that Tianmen Shan has resulted as a result of a cataclysmic event in 263 AD. The previous name of the Tianmen Shan was Sonliang Shan.

Heavens Gate Mountain China

The Heaven’s Gate Mountain is the common name of Tianmen Shan. The arched Tianman Shan cave is a perfect example of the nature’s craft. The locale of the cave is formulated through a karst syncline. Tianmen Shan Mountain is located at a distance of 8 kilometers (South) from the Zhangjiajie.

Heaven's Gate Mountain Zhangjiajie China

You can access the marvelous view of Tianmen Shan Mountain through several travelling means. One of the most popular and adventurous way is to access the Tianmen Shan Mountain through the longest Skytram of the world. The distance covered by the Skytram is 7.5 kilometers. The views are great and the journey is itself a unique adventure.

Heavens Gate Mountain Zhangjiajie China

After the Skytram experience, rest of the journey is completed through a bus ride on the twisting and winding trails of the Tianmen Mountains. After that bumpy ride, in order to reach the final destination you have to climb up a set of 999 stairs. So on the whole you can have a great experience of riding a Skytram, bus and of course some of your man power to reach the Gate to Heaven.

Heavens Gate Mountain Zhangjiajie

Most of the people review the Tianmen Shan to be a great adventurous spot of Zhangjiajie. The glass walkway is appreciated by most of tourists. The place attributed due to its height, twists and tough walkway, is taken as a challenge for most of the tourists. The Tianmen Shan is also used by the stunt fliers and they put up quite a show occasionally. If you are to visit China and specially Zhangjiajie, don’t miss the glorious Gate to Heaven.

Heaven's Gate Mountain Zhangjiajie

Heavens Gate Mountain

Heaven's Gate Mountain

Gate Mountain Zhangjiajie

China Heavens Gate Mountain Zhangjiajie

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