The Expanding Imja Tshu Lake – Khumjung (Nepal)

Imja Tshu Lake has gained attention in past years, after its formulation from the melt down of Imja Tshu Glacier that falls in Himalayas. Imja Tashu Lake is located in Khumjung, Nepal within the Everest Region. It can be a great view spot for the climbers and adventure seekers coming to Nepal.

Imja Tshu Lake Khumjung Nepal

Lake Imja Tsho was formed in 1960s by the accumulation of water at the foot of the Imja Tshu is Glacier. Imja Tshu Lake is expanding with the passage of time. The lake is located near to the popular trekking destination. At the moment the lake holds about 64 million cubic meters of water.

Imja Tshu Lake and Glacier

The fact that Imja Tshu Lake is expanding day by day is a threat to the local communities and the tourists. Imja Tshu Lake is presently gaining attention as one of the dangerous lakes in Nepal. The lake is growing in length at a rate of 35 meters per years which if not taken in consideration is a serious threat.

Imja Tshu Glacier

Lake Imja Tshu has a surface elevation of 5,004 meters. It is located at a latitude of 27°59’17” N and longitude 86°55’31” E while the altitude in eastern Nepal is 5010 msl (mean sea level). The total area of the lake is 130 hectors. The lake attributes, length, width and depth are 2 kilometers, 650 kilometers and 42 meters respectively. The lake outflows to Ganges.

Imja Tsho

Lake Imja Tshu is admired by the tourist, trekkers and mountain climbers for its matchless beauty. The lake falls in the way to the main trekking path of the Mount Everest. As it is located at an elevation of 16000 feet it is ice free for most of year subjecting to the warm weather conditions. Lake Imja Tashu is a great spot to hike and capture memories specially for the adventure lovers who are a fan of Everest.

Imja Tshu Lake Khumjung

Imja Tshu Lake Nepal

Imja Tshu Lake

Imja Tshu Peak

Imja Tshu

Lake Imja Tshu Nepal Panorama

Lake Imja Tshu

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