The Remarkable Rome – Italy

The Remarkable Rome – Italy

There are a few spots in the world which are beautiful the way they are as it is said that the real beauty lies in imperfection. Rome is a remarkable travelling destination which can dazzle you with the awe inspiring sites from history along with the opportunity to wander on the majestic streets where you can simply try some Italian delicacies and get connected to the hospitable people. Here are some marked reasons why you should visit Rome, at least once in a lifetime.

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Engaging Colorful Streets

When I talk about Rome instantly the colored buildings with square windows adorned with intervening plants, parked bicycles, enchanting street side cafes, and stone walkways come in my mind. This is what the streets of Rome look today, a city which has a history of more than two and a half thousand years.

Colosseum Rome

The History

Rome, the capital of Italy with its rich history is counted amongst the oldest inhabited cities of Europe. The sites in the city Rome connects you to the time of Romulus and Remus, the traditionally known founders, and the time of seven kings along with the time when it has been under the rule of several nations. The city we see today is a glorified example of a place whose inhabitants have made through the time three Punic wars, political hegemony and several disputes. Today Rome is governed by a mayor and city council.

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine does not require any introduction; pasta has made its place all over the world. While on your visit to Rome whether you try the Italian delicacies in any fancy restaurant of your choice or from a simple street side restaurant, both are enjoyable with the flavor and aroma of their own, of course aided by the two completely different environments. Some of the must try food dishes include filetti di baccala (salted cod and filled zucchini blossoms), ricotta cake, suppli, coda alla vaccinara, fiori di zucca, pizza alla romana, abbacchio alla scottadito, fave and puntarelle.

Rome Beauty

Festivals in Rome

There is always something happening in Rome depending on the time you plan your visit. Some of the festivals other than new years eve, Easter and charismas include Epiphany and Befana (January), Festa di San Antonio Abate (January), Carnevale and beginning of Lent (February), Festa di San Valentino (February), Festa della Donna (March), Feast of Santa Francesca Romana (March), Commemoration of Caesar’s Death (March), Saint Patrick’s Day (March), Mrathon of Rome (March), Settimana della Cultura, Week of Culture (April), The Founding of Rome (April), Festa della Primavera (April), Labor day (May), Open House Roma (May), Museums Night (May), Italian Open Tennis Tournament ( May), Corpus Domini (June), Rose Garden (June), Festa dei Noantri (July), All Summer – Outdoor Music (July),  Isola del Cinema Wide-screen movies (July through September), Festa della Madonna della Neve (August), Festival di Caracalla (August), Ferragosto (August), Arts, Crafts, and Antiques Fairs (September), Soccer Season (September), Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi (October), Roma Europa Festival (October), Rome Jazz Festival (October), Opera and Theater Season (October), International Rome Film Festival (November), Feast of Saint Cecilia (November) and Hanukkah in December along with other festivities.

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Top Rated Attractions

Once you are in Rome there is a lot to explore. You can peek into ancient Rome by visiting Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Castel St. Angelo, Baths of Caracalla, Ara Pacis Augustae, Campidoglio and Roman Roads. You can dazzled by Squares and Fountains including Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, Campo de Fiori and Trinita dei Monti. The Vatican includes St. Peter’s Basilica and Vatican Museums. There is some unique architecture that you can observe in the built of Farnese Palace, Quirinal Palace and Colonna Palace. Villa Borghese and Villa Pamphii are very fine parks beautified with gardens.

Castle Rome

Roman Empire

Rome City Travel

Rome City View

Rome City

Temple of Saturn, Arch of Septimius Severus, Colosseum in the background, Roman Forum

Colosseum, Rome

Rome Italy

Rome Night View

Rome Panaromic View

Rome Streets

Rome Travels


St Peters Square Rome

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