The Grand USS Midway Museum – San Diego (United States of America)

USS Midway Museum is not only a great place for history lovers but also a great motivational site for military enthusiasts. Once you are aboard on the ship you will be amazed by the stories of volunteers, jet collection and the statues from past. The audio tours, books and of course the volunteers with their stories can keep you engaged for a long time.

USS Midway Museum Aircraft

USS Midway Museum berthed in San Diego, California remained functional from 1945 to 1992. You can find yourself looking at aircrafts from the World War II to the latest Operation Desert Storm. The grand USS Midway Museum has served as an aircraft carrier in cold war and beyond making it one of the longest serving aircraft carriers. Once you step in the museum you will come to know that approximately 200,000 sailors served aboard the carrier in past.

USS Midway Museum California

USS Midway Museum opened in June 2007, is today a popular tourist spot that has entertained millions of visitors. you will find yourself exploring the engine room, galley, bridge, brig, post office, pilots ready rooms, primary flight control rooms, officers country, climb-aboard aircrafts, cockpits and flight stimulators.

USS Midway Museum San Diego

USS Midway Museum hosts around more than 700 events in a year, evoking the interest of people. Some of the events include vocal performance, military events, games, media events, movie nights, concerts and other traditional events depending upon the time of the year. The hosted events are unique and interesting for the crowd.

USS Midway Museum: San Diego, California

The Google rating for the USS Midway Museum is 4.6 stars. Most of the people reviewed the museum as an incredible family spot. The tour of the USS Midway Museum is interesting and there is a lot to explore including the cockpits of the jets and deck of the ship which makes it even more appealing and enjoyable. This is one place that you would not like to miss during your visit to San Diego.

USS Midway Museum US

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