Royal Palace Amsterdam – Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The Royal Palace Amsterdam is long known for its glorified architecture. The Royal Palace is located in Netherlands. The palace is under the rule of monarch as declared by the parliament. If you want a peek into the Dutch Golden Age then the Royal Palace Amsterdam is the right place to visit.

Amsterdam Royal Palace

The Royal Palace Amsterdam was built in seventeenth century. The Palace has also been the residing place of King Louis Napoleon. Later on it was turned into Dutch Royal House. The present location of the Royal Palace Amsterdam is in the center of Amsterdam. You can find Dam Square on the west side of the Palace. The other prominent places close to Palace are War Memorial and Nieuwe Kerk.

Royal Palace Amsterdam Inside View

The interior of the Royal Palace Amsterdam is a wonderful example of craftsmanship. The palace was opened on 29 July 1655 under the supervision of Cornelis de Graeff. The built of Royal Palace Amsterdam is an excellent example of classicism architecture. The total build up cost at that time was about ƒ 8.5 million.

Inside View of Royal Palace Amsterdam

The Royal Palace Amsterdam provides its visitors an insight in history through sculptures and paintings. There are also audio guides that engage the visitors well. You can find yourself looking at the engraved map of earth and stars on floor. You can witness some of the work by Govert Flinck, Jacob Jordaens, Jan Lievens and Ferdinand Bol. Rembrandt’s.

Royal Palace

The Google rating for the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is 4.2 stars. After its reopening to the visitors in 2009 the Royal Palace Amsterdam is visited by millions of visitors each year. The palace is a great place for the history lovers. The palace is also a great inspiration for the architects, interior designers and art lovers.

Citizen Hall

Inside View of Royal Palace

Royal Palace Night View

Photo Source: Whattoseein, Houseofcoco, Paradoxoff

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