Lynn Canyon Park – North Vancouver (Canada)

Lynn Canyon Park located in North Vancouver district was established in 1912. The total area of the Lynn Canyon Park is 617 acres (250 ha). Lynn Creek and Lynn Valley gets their name after a Royal British Engineer who was granted this land in 1871. Lynn Canyon Park is at the time, the largest natural Park of North Vancouver.

Lynn Canyon

Lynn Canyon Park is known to be a rainforest full of amazing trails all set in tall trees. Most of the people revisit the Lynn Canyon Park for they enjoy tracking within the forest, tall trees and their prominent roots. It can be said that for you tracking in this forest can be a great way to explore and enjoy the calamity of the natural surroundings.

Canyon Park

While exploring, you will also see a suspension bridge and waterfall that adds a fairy tale effect to the surroundings of the forest. Lynn creek is another impressive feature of the Lynn Canyon Park. Most famous trail is Baden-Powell Trail as it crosses over the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. Besides these features, there are small pools all surrounded by cliffs which serve as cooling spot in summers.

Lynn Canyon Park Canada

There is an ecology center located in the vicinities of the Lynn Canyon Park, which is a great help in providing knowledge regarding the flora and fauna of the park. Lynn Canyon Park can be accessed easily from city through the bus service. The natural landscape has also been utilized in several TV shows including Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

Lynn Canyon Park Board

The Google rating for the Lynn Canyon Park is 4.6 stars. Most of the people find the Lynn Canyon Park to be the one of the most beautiful natural rainforest parks in the world. Others consider Suspension bridge as a beautiful spot of the park. Lynn Canyon Park is one such place that has all it takes to fulfill the heart of an adventure seeker.

Forest in Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon Park North Vancouver

Lynn Canyon Park Pool

Lynn Canyon Park Suspension Bridge

Lynn Canyon Park Trial

Lynn Canyon Park Vancouver Canada

Lynn Canyon Park Vancouver

Lynn Canyon Park Water Flow

Lynn Canyon Park

Suspension Bridge

Tourists Enjoying

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