The Swati Taj Mahal White Palace – Swat (Pakistan)

Some places leave a mark on your heart owing to the perfection and history they have, one such place is White Palace located in the vicinity of Marghazar, Swat. The great White Palace is also famous for the use of Alabaster (sang-e-mermer) stone in its built. Same stone has been used in famous Taj Mahal located in Agra, India.

White Palace

The history of Swat dates back to the time of Alexander the great and Mehmod Ghaznavi. This region has been the under the domination of several rulers. White Palace stands there as one landmark that represents the residing place of the first king of Swat. The White Palace was built under the instructions of Miangul Abdul Wadud in the heavenly valley Swat in 1940.

White Palace Swat

The White Palace of Marghazar previously known as Swati Taj Mahal is today a popular summer resort. Marghazar is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Saidu Sharif. Owing to the fact that the White Palace is located at an elevation of 7000 feet above sea level on Marghazar hill, it offers some astounding sceneries to its guests.

There are 24 decorated rooms that are adorned with marble from India, artisans of Turkey and bronze from Belgium. You will also find yourself looking at the Kings Lounge, two huge Conference halls, the famous Noor Restaurant and a Botanical Garden along with a Mini Zoo. There are also guides available to escort you towards hiking and trekking trails.

The administration is really friendly. We were offered a discount in getting a room. It is advised to book your room ahead of coming as the resort is usually fully booked. The only problem here is that the road to white palace is not developed but you can come in any car but with slow pace. The signals reception is weak and you have to find a place where your phone is working. Warid Telecom is only the cellular network where you can find some signals there. Overall place is very good for stay.

Stepping into the White Palace you will be moved by the white marble benches set on the green ground. In the alleys with white pillars there are balconies offering a great place to sit, have a cup of tea and enjoy the natural sceneries. The rooms are furnished in a simple yet decent manner. There are also gift shops in White Palace from where you can buy traditional clothes and accessories of this region. Here are some memorable clicks from my visit to the White Palace, make yours next and admire the green and beautiful heavenly valley of Pakistan.






Flowers in White Palace


Hotel White Palace Board


Location for BBQ


Room Inside View



Shop Inside White Palace

Shops Infront of White Palace

Stream Flowing


Way to Reception

White Palace Balcony

White Palace Board Swat

White Palace Entrance

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