The Manta Underwater Resort – Tanzania

After so many incredible resorts around the world, let us introduce to the most unique and exceptional underwater resort named “The Manta Resort” located in Tanzania. The resort is situated in a distance of 250 meters from Wete, Pemba Island (the calm island beach). The resort is best suitable for honey moon as it offers privacy. You can also have adventure and water sports on East Africa’s island reserve. It has a good diving spots and coral reefs.

Manta Underwater Resort

The tourists who like to live with nature and like to spend time with family, than it’s a perfect place for you. It feels amazing when you’re sleeping and you can see reef fishes passes by around you. It’s just like you are in an aquarium. The resort has a floating structure; it was built by Swedish engineer. It has a lounge area and bathroom facility room. It has three floors where you can use a rooftop terrace, bathroom and lounge. You can have an amazing view of the undersea world of the Indian Ocean. One night two people will cost you around €1400.

Manta Underwater Hotel Room

Manta Underwater Hotel

Manta Underwater Resort from Above

Manta Underwater Resort Room

Manta Underwater Room Fishes Passes

Pemba Island Tanzania

Pemba Island

Reef Fishes

Tourists Dive from the Resort

Underwater Dive with Fishes

Photo Source: Facebook, Gizmag

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