The Old Piano Bridge – Zhejiang (China)

You must have seen several stepping stone bridges formed to cross the rivers. One such unique bridge is found in China. The Stepping Stone Bridge commonly known as the Piano Bridge is located in Shishue Village. The village is included in Taitashun County that falls in Zhejiang province of China.

The name Piano has been given to the bridge as it resembles a piano. Each stone resembles a piano key. The Piano Bridge is said to be 200 years old. The bridge is designed so to keep the water flowing between the rocks. One side of the Piano Bridge is higher than the other one making it a bridge with two levels. This bridge is longer than several other bridges of its kind.

The tourists who visit Shishue Village specially come to see Piano Bridge. The bridge is strong although looks very old. People enjoy making photos on it while crossing it back and forth. The pleasant surrounding makes the experience more amusing. There are several other bridges but Piano Bridge is the most popular in Shi Yang town.

The Piano bridge was designed in the times when wood was scarce in China as even today in low land areas. The bridge is a perfect example of its time in terms of its simple architecture. The design allows proper crossing, appropriate water flow and assistance in high tides. The bridge can also get a little bit slippery for older people and kids.

Old Piano Bridge
Old Piano Bridge

Photo Source: Psytreasure

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