World’s First Nocturnal Zoo Night Safari – Singapore

If you are someone who would like to experience a walk on the trails of jungle, find your way while listening to the roars of animals, there is one interesting place for you located in Singapore. “Night Safari” is the adventure spot, the first Nocturnal Zoo, which has utilized the idea of recreating the tropical jungle atmosphere.

Zoo Night Safari Singapore

Night Safari only opens at night starting from 7:30 PM. It does not disturb the life cycle of the animals but is set according to their natural instincts. The zoo is open air, set in the vicinity of humid tropical forest which is further divided into seven geographical zones. Night Safari is one of the most amazing popular attractions of Singapore.

Night Safari Zoo Singapore

Night Safari was opened on 26th of May 1994. The man behind the idea of the Night Safari was Dr Ong Swee Law. The total land area of the Night Safari is about 99 acres. The number of annual visitors most of the time reach an approximate number of 1.1 million or more. The restaurants present in the Night safari are Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, Bongo Burgers, and Casa Italia.

Night Safari in Singapore

There are more than 2500 animals in Night Safari that belong to about 130 species. About 38 percent of the 130 species are threatened. The animals are kept in their natural habitat. There are no cages but barriers that separate the visitors from the animals. Night Safari is also a high spot for several festivals that take place time to time.

Night Safari Singapore

The Google ratting for the Night Safari is 4.1 stars. Most of the people review this place to be outstanding. You can explore the place on foot or on tram. The moonlight lighting on the place is also appreciated by the visitors. The experience of Night safari is a mesmerizing one for all those who step in this wild jungle.

Giraffe at Night ZOo

Night Safari Zoo

Night Safari

Night Zoo Safari

Safari Safari

Zoo Night Safari Animals

Zoo Night Safari

Photo Source: Worldwideavailability, Mygola, Wrscomsg

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