Schafberg Cog Railway – Salzburg (Austria)

If you’re looking for an enjoyable trip in a majestic surrounding with clouds, mountains, streams, wild flowers and greenery then a ride in the Schafberg Cog train is worth a try. Schafberg Mountain in Salzburg, Austria is known for its scenic landscape. The Schafberg Mountain has a height of 1,783 meters.

Schafberg Cog Railway Austria

Every summer the Schafberg Cog Railway (Schafbergbahn) operates from the small town of St. Wolfgang. The location of Schafberg Mountain at the shore of Wolfgangsee Lake makes it more appealing and beautify the views from the train. While riding the train, you can also view the Salzkammergut Mountains from the windows and enjoy.

Front View

The Schafberg Cog Railway started in 1893 is today a popular activity for tourists who visit Salzberg, Austria. The panoramic view from the twists and turns of the mountains are amazing and captivating. Don’t forget to bring your camera as this mesmerizing place offers a lot to see and cherish.

Schafberg Cog Railway Salzburg

Some people hike through the Schafberg Mountain and take train on their way down or vice versa. The hiking activity can be tiresome as it is a long distance climb through rocks and narrow paths. It can take upto two to two thirty hours. When you reach the peak of the mountain besides the spectacular views you can also refresh yourself by having some beverages or food from the restaurant and the cafe.

Outside View

Most of the people review the train ride and place to be memorable. The train costs a nominal fee of 33 Euros which is reviewed to be expensive by some of the tourists. Sometimes in a cloudy weather sightseeing can be limited. The food in the café is reasonably priced and liked by the visitors. If you are someone who is ready for a steep hill ride with mind blowing views then don’t miss being on the Schafberg Cog Train.

Schafberg Cog Railway

Schafberg Cog Railway Track

View from Schafberg Cog Railway

Visitors Inside Train

Photo Source: Salzkammergut, Game-fiend, Snipview, Weekendtoast

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