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Beijing Aquarium opened in 1999, is known to be the largest inland Aquarium of China. It is located in the vicinity of Beijing Zoo. Beijing Aquarium is known for notable variety of aquatic animals from different parts of the world, being displayed in the huge aquariums. From static coral reefs to carnivorous sharks you can find all.

Beijing Aquarium

The opening timings of the Beijing Aquarium vary in different months. From April to October the opening timings are 9 am to 5 pm. While from November till March you can visit the Aquarium, from 10 am to 4 pm. The entrance fee for the aquarium is 150 CN which is in addition to the entrance fee of the Beijing Zoo.

Aquarium China

When Beijing Aquarium was opened, there was much controversy that how aquatic animals will survive in the artificial environment. As with passing years the aquarium proved to be a great home to all the aquatic species including live piranha, whales, sharks, sea lions, dolphins, jelly fish, sea turtles, eels, and hundreds of other colourful creatures.


In Beijing Aquarium you will be amazed by the touch pool where you can touch variety of sea urchins and starfish. The length of the touch pool is 39 yards. There are about 32 compact huge tanks which house all the aquatic species. Besides looking at the aquariums, you can also enjoy shows of dolphins and sea lions which are hosted on daily basis.

Beijing Aquarium China Tourists

Most of the visitors review Beijing Aquarium as one fun destination that is perfect to kill time on a rainy day. Children love to see the activities of sea creatures. Even old people enjoy the environment and aquatic display. Shark tank is highly recommended by the visitors. Pay a visit to Beijing Aquarium and enjoy the immense aquatic collection in a pleasant environment.

Beijing Aquarium China

Beijing Aquarium Whales Playing Football

Whale at Beijing Aquarium China

Whales Playing

Photo Source: Wikimedia, Reynoldspolymer, Chinatravel20, Huffingtonpost

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