Babusar Top – Highest point in Kaghan Valley (Pakistan)

Northern Areas of Pakistan are blessed with endless beauty, this is something that I have always read and heard. My journey to Northern Areas of Pakistan was simply amazing giving meaning to each and every word. As when I was off to unravel the natural beauty of Northern areas it was vividly clear that each passing destination further revealed something more alluring and awe-inspiring.

Babusar Pakistan View

On our way to Hunza and Gilgit we covered several scenic spots and Babusar Top was one of them. Babusar Top can be reached by Babusar Pass; the winding road is known to be one of the worlds scenic hair pinned roads. Babusar Top is a junction that connects Chilas (Karakaram Highway), Naran and later on leads to other destinations including Gilgit and Skardu.

Babusar Pakistan

You can easily reach the Babusar Top via car. While driving through this mountain pass we covered the distance of about 150 meters and reach the Babusar Top at an elevation of 4173 m (13,700 ft). The views from the top were amazing, floating clouds, cool breeze and marvellous landscape was all what I could see. Look for yourself in the pictures and you will know what I am referring to, it was a heavenly piece of earth with beautiful views wherever you see.

Babusar Pass Mountain

Standing on the top you might get lucky and get a panoramic view of Malika-e-Parbat on a clear day. Malika-e-Parbat is the highest peak of the district with an elevation of 17,000 feet. There are also astonishing view of snow covered peaks of Kashmir. You can see green plateaus, winding roads; small streams and mountains as far as the sight go. There is also a pinned board with the calculated distances of relatively near cities of China and Pakistan on the top.

Babusar Pass Mountains

You will not find any fancy restaurants here but you can get yourself some snacks from local dhabas. I planned this trip with my friends in July. It is highly recommended if you are heading for Northern Areas i.e. Kaghan and Naran make it in the moths of July, August and September. In monsoon and winter months movement is mostly obstructed due to snow. 11 C is the highest recorded temperature of Kaghan in the month of May.

Babusar Pass Pakistan KPK

From Babusar Top you can make it to Naran by covering a distance of only 80 km. However, Gilgit is located at a distance of 414 km. Furthermore, from Naran you can make your way to Battakundi , Lalazar Plateau, lake Dodiputsar and lake Lulusar. Lake Lulusar is the biggest natural lake in Hazara and the source of Kunhar river.

Babusar Top Hotel

Most part of the road leading to Babusar Top has been constructed and improved for the convenient locomotion. In Chilas you can get guidance about the route from the Northern Areas Public Works Department (NAPWD) executive engineer office and Natco drivers while in Naran. PTDC is a good source of information.

Babusar Pass

It is highly recommended to come prepared for such trips with stocked food, warm clothes and of course camera to capture snaps of some astonishing landscapes. Always check weather forecasts before travelling. The evenings can be very chilly even in summer. The whole journey to the top is simply memorable. This is one spot of Northern area of Pakistan that you will surely enjoy visiting when you are off to other connecting places like Naran and Gilgit.

Babusar Top Elevation

Babusar Top Kaghan Valley Pakistan

Babusar Top Kaghan Valley

Babusar Top Kaghan

Babusar Top Pakistan View

Babusar Top Pakistan

Babusar Top Rain

Babusar Top Snow

Babusar Top

Babusar View


Rain at Babusar Pass

Snow at Babusar Top

View From Babusar Pass Pakistan

View From Babusar Top Pakistan

View From Babusar

Video, showing the view from Babusar Top, Pakistan.

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