Horse Riding and Golden Circle – Iceland

Sightseeing always allures travelers and tourists, especially if it is to be done while riding the graceful and beautiful Icelandic horse. Iceland is a beautiful, lush green country which always attracts tourists specifically in holiday season. One of the most popular tourist activities is horse riding and sightseeing in Golden Circle.

Golden Circle is the most popular and as said alluring tourist route in South Iceland. It covers an area of 300 km which is in a form of a loop that is formed between the South Iceland (Reykjavík) and Central Iceland.

Horse Riding in Golden Circle

The total time for the Golden Circle sightseeing varies, but mostly 9 hours are enough for the whole activity. Golden Circle, South Iceland and Laxnes are the highlighting spots of the activity. It is best to start your sightseeing tour early in the morning. Several travelling companies provide facilities for such trips. “Guide to Iceland” is one travel collaborated organization that carries out such trips. Nearby hotel names Reykjavík also provides the desired facility.

Before you go on trip, check weather. Most of the time warm clothes are best for the gig. Sometimes weather can be unpredictable with rain, keep rain boots and rain coats with you. Most of the people enjoy the rainy weather and praise the beautiful scenic views of vast grounds of Iceland.

Horse Riding and Golden Circle

As your exploring journey starts, the first stop that is covered mostly on the horse back is Laxness. The next stop is the magnificent and most popular waterfall of Iceland, Gullfoss Waterfall (Golden Falls). The thrashing water downpour covers a distance of 32 meters. As the water falls in the River Gorge you can feel the water spray on your face.

After looking at the vast green lands of Laxness, picturesque views of amazing Gullfoss Waterfall, the Geyser geothermal area is the best way to complete the golden tour. You can enjoy eruptions which take place every 5-10 minutes. Maximum height reached by the eruptions is 40 meters but it is occasional, most of the time they go as high as 40 meters. Hot springs Geysir and Strokker are popular. Other tourist stops are Kerið volcano crater, Hveragerði greenhouse village, Skálholt church, and the Nesjavellir or Hellisheidarvirkjun geothermal power plant.

Most of the people recommend the trip to be an amazing way to start your exploration. You will know a lot about the landscapes of Iceland. People are friendly. You can easily book yourself a horse. In snow or in rain the experience of horse riding and sightseeing is exhilarating and adventurous.

Horse Riding Iceland

Horse Riding and Golden Circle in Iceland

Golden Circle Horse Riding

Horse Riding Tours in Golden Circle

Horse Riding

Horses at Golden Circle Iceland

Scenery Alongside Horse Riding Tour

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