Glacier National Park – Montana (USA)

Glacier National Park is commonly said to be the most beautiful travel destination of Montana, USA. It also borders Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Glacier National Park got its name from the 150 glaciers it once had in mid 1800s. Later on owing to global warming these glaciers turned into lakes. Today there are only 25 intact glaciers that can be seen in the park. It has been estimated that by 2030 all the glaciers will meltdown.

Amazing Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park covers a huge area of 4000 square kilometers. You need some good time to explore the whole park as it has over 130 lakes, two mountain ranges and 700 miles of hiking trails. You can also drive on the roads and enjoy the scenic views of mountains, lakes, and greenery that go beyond the sight.

Beautiful Glacier National Park Montana

Don’t miss the clear blue water of cracker Lake, unique slope-lacking Chief Mountain (5,000 feet), hiking track of Grinnel Glacier, amazing Triple Divide Peak, astounding Going-to-the-Sun Road, serene Grinnell Glacier, tranquil Iceberg Lake, natural Bowman Lake, Kintla Peak and Wild Goose Island.

Glacier National Park Montana US

While you are on your way to explore this small piece of heaven, you might be lucky to spot Wildlife sightings on several tracks. Glacier National park is home to endangered species i.e. bald eagles, grizzly bears and Canadian lynx. The place is also famous for fishing although there are some rules that are to be followed.

Glacier National Park Montana USA

There are several activities that you can carry out in a park. One of them is camping in mountain or by the lake sides. Park is also a famous RV spot. Driving on the scenic roads that stretch on miles is a common one. Rest in winter cross-country skiing is a popular one. Others include hiking, tracking, driving, sightseeing and swimming.

Glacier National Park Montana

Glacier National Park US

Glacier National Park USA

Glacier National Park

Grinnell Lake

Grinnell Point & Swiftcurrent Falls

Medicine Lake Glacier National Park

Moraine Lake Glacier National Park

Mount Gould

Photo Source: Misadventuresmag, Beautifulplacestovisit, Zephyradventures

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