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Tournai, the historical travel destination of Belgium attracts a large number of tourists every year. The Dutch name of the city is Doornik. The total population of this historical city is about 220,000. Most of the people in Tournai speak French. The total area of Tournai is 213.75 km2. It has two UNESCO world heritage sites which are Belfry and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The Tournai has been a city of many events. It has been under rule of Romans for a long period of time. The architecture of the buildings and historic monuments is unique and outstanding. It is said that the history of Belgium changed from political changes that took place in ancient Tournai. The place can be an interesting place to explore the influential history of past rulers.

Belfry Belgium

The prominent attractions of Tournai include Belfry of Tournai, Shrine of Our Lady, Notre Dame de Tournai, Cloth hall, Palace of Fine Arts, Military History & Weapons Museum, Museum of Archeology, Folklore Museum, Museum of Tapestry and Textile Art, Museum of History and Decorative Arts along with Natural History Museum and Vivarium.

Cloth Hall Belgium

It has been a birthplace of several influential personalities including Clovis I, Gilles Li Muisis, Rogier van der Weyden, Jacques Daret, Pierre de La Rue, Perkin Warbeck, Marbrianus de Orto, Charles Blount, Isaac Le Maire, Louise-Françoise de Bourbon, Donat Casterman, Piat Sauvage, Louis Gallait, Jean-Baptiste Moëns, Jules Bara and Georges Rodenbach.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Belgium

The two prominent festivals celebrated in Tournai include the Great Possession and Lost Monday. Great Possession is one of the oldest celebrating festivals. It was first celebrated in 1092. The Lost Monday Festival is a tradition which was first celebrated about 700 years ago. During this festival feisty dinners are organized and rabbit dish is specifically served.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Inside View

Palace of Fine Arts Belgium

Tournai Belgium


Cloth Hall Belgium

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