View Sharks in Pigeon Island National Park – Trincomalee (Nilaveli, Sri Lanka)

Pigeon Island National Park is a famous marine national park of Sri Lanka. This exhilarating spot is just at the distance of one kilometer from the coast of Nilaveli. The total area of Pigeon Island National Park is 471.4 hectares (1.820 sq miles). Pigeon Island National Pigeon was established in 2003 under the supervision of Department of Wildlife Conservation.

When you will reach Pigeon Island you will know it consist of two islands. Once is a large one names as Large Pigeon Island and the other is small one known as Small Pigeon Island. Large Pigeon Island is famous for coral reefs fringe. The length of Large Pigeon Island is 200 meters while the width is about 100 meters. The highest point of Pigeon Island National Park is 44.8 meters above mean sea level.

Pigeon Island National Park

The Smaller Pigeon Island of Pigeon Island National Park is famous for the rocky islets surroundings. The place has an overall peaceful and enjoyable environment. Previous studies about the evolution of these islands indicate the presence of sharks in this area for about million years playing an important role in the preservation.

Shark at Pigeon Island National Park

The Fauna of Pigeon National Park is a fine example of diversification with multi colored fish, shark, jelly fish, turtles and rock pigeon. The island also gets its name from Rock Pigeon, who use this island as a breeding ground. You will enjoy scrolling around in an island with about more than 100 species of corals and 300 species of coral fish.

Shark in Pigeon Island National Park Sri Lanka

The finest deep water natural harbor Pigeon Island National Park can also be accessed easily from Nilaveli. There are boat trips available for the tourists. Another popular and recommended activity is snorkeling. You can enjoy looking at the sea life. Diving is also another prominent activity.

Today Pigeon Island National Park is loaded with tourists, especially in holiday season and weekends. The authorities recommend tourists to be careful with corals for two reasons. One you can get hurt from pointed corals and the other main reason is their preservation. The island has retaliated well after its massive destruction in 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.


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