Top Three Cool Dinosaur Theme Parks of the World

Dinosaurs have long been extinct from this world, still there remains and fossils initiated a never ending interest and debate. In this article, we highlight three cool dinosaur inspired parks all around the world. These theme parks are visited by thousands of visitors every year not only families but also historians, dinosaur enthusiasts and archeologists.

  1. Dinosaur Court, Crystal Palace Park – London (United Kingdom)

Dinosaur Court located in the Crystal Palace Park is the oldest known dinosaur themed park in the world which was opened in nineteenth century, 1854. Visitors can find in display some unique and outstanding fine sculptures of ancient dinosaurs. The current Google rating of Dinosaur Court of Crystal Palace Park in London is 4.2 stars.

Dinosaur Court in Crystal Palace Park

Dinosaur Court


  1. Dinosaur Park – Münchehagen (Germany)

Dinosaur Park located in Munchehagen, Germany is famous for its open air environment. The most interesting feature of Dinosaur Park is that it has been built around the real dinosaur trails. All the visitors are marveled by more than 220 life-size models of dinosaurs. Dinosaur Park also houses the largest dinosaur model of Seismosaurus which is 148-foot. The current Google rating for Dinosaur Park is 4.6 stars.

Dinosaur Münchehagen

Dinosaur Park Münchehagen Germany

Dinosaur Park Münchehagen

  1. King Island Amusement Park – Mason (Ohio, United States of America)

King Island Amusement Park is known to be the largest animatronic dinosaur park of the world. This theme park is located in Ohio, USA. There are more than 80 rides in this park. Another prominent feature of the park is the exhibition of about sixty life size dinosaur replicas. This famous park was opened in 1972. The current Google rating of Kings Island Amusement park is 4.3 stars.

King Island Amusement Park Ohio

King Island Amusement Park

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