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Some landmarks in the world are known for the impression they leave behind in the minds of their visitors. Acropolis of Athens is one such imposing historic structure that not only takes you to the old era of Greece but also leaves a vivid impression. This fact makes visit to Acropolis of Athens memorable and unique in every manner.

Acropolis of Athens In Ancient Greece

The name Acropolis is derived from the Greek word spelled as “akron” and “polis”. The literal meaning of Akron is edge while that of polis is city. The main reason to name this grand structure Acropolis was based on its location. The historic structure stands on the hilltop and you can enjoy the view of the whole city of Athens.

Ancient Acropolis of Athens City

The core reason behind the construction of Acropolis was to strengthen defense of Greece. In the wartimes Acropolis of Athens has served well in keeping a better view on the strategies and position of opposing forces. The construction of Acropolis started in 447BC and finally completed in 438 BC.

Acropolis of Athens In Greece

Acropolis of Athens has also served as a venue for festivities and historic happenings, when Greeks were in power. The site has also been used as a building foundation for several temples by Greek. One famous temple is Parthenon Temple which was constructed in dedication to Goddess Athena.

Acropolis of Athens

During the excavations done in 19th century, it was found that most primitive habitation dates back to the Neolithic Period. To save the relics and historical objects from damage, in 2007 they were shifted to the Acropolis Museum. It has also been included in Seven Wonders of the World many times.

Acropolis of Athens Greece

The current Google Rating for Acropolis of Athens is 4.8 stars. The fee is also nominal. Most of the visitors enjoy their visit to Acropolis of Athens and other attractions of Greece. Most of them describe the place to be awe-inspiring. Plan your visit to this magnificent destination of Greece and you will not regret your traveling destination.

Ancient Acropolis of Athens

Athens Acropolis

Greek Acropolis of Athens

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