The Tranquil Gatineau Park – Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)

Gatineau Park – The place where you can enjoy family vacations by availing innumerous opportunities like skiing, boating, wild life exploration, sightseeing, tracking, hiking, bicycle riding and a lot more. You will enjoy either you like to explore the country land on foot or on a ride. The place is beautiful with all its charms irrespective of the weather. The white snow is winter and sun rays bouncing back in summer are equally alluring.

Gatineau Park is a small paradise located in Quebec, Canada. This regional park celebrates its 75 years with the objectives of not only providing people a recreational and enthralling spot but also convey a strong message of conserving nature. You can come and plan outdoor activities like swimming, camping and hiking. The point to remember is that all the planned activities must be eco-friendly.

Meech Lake

The total area of Gatineau park is 361.31 km2 (89,280 acres) and it covers the municipalities of Chelsea, Pontiac, La Pêche, and the City of Gatineau. The park lies very close to the downtown Ottawa, Ontario. You will have to drive 4 kilometers north from downtown Ottawa to enter the park.

Skyline Hiker Trial

The points of interests in Gatineau Park include Eardley Escarpment, Meech Lake, King Mountain, Lusk Cave, Mackenzie King Estate, Pink Lake and Scenic Lookouts like Champlain Lookout, Étienne Brûlé Lookout, Huron Lookout and Pink Lake Lookout. The facility of car parking is available at every lookout. The facility of toilets is available close to Champlain Lookout, Étienne Brûlé Lookout and the Pink Lake Trail.

Meech Lake in Winters

The Google rating for the Gatineau Park is 4.7 stars. Since 1938, this place is on the list of travelers who love exploring nature. It is a perfect place where it is you, nature and camera. The sceneries are awe-inspiring. The information center provides you all the needed information. There are tons of trails that you can try. You can also make summer reservations to enjoy your vacation with your family.

Frozen Meech Lake


Skiing in Gatineau Park

Skyline Hiking Trial

Skyline Track

Photo Source: The613hiker, Lowdownonline

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