Top Three Super Favorite Sky Diving Destinations This Summer

Are you an adventurous, wondrous and intriguing soul who is always ready to try something new, something exciting, something that embarks an exciting and thrilling story of your life? If you consider yourself to be one of those rare kinds then this summer, just gear up and go for the lavish adventure of skydiving. Here are the top three spots to skydive this summer.

Swiss Alps – (Interlaken, Switzerland)

Interlaken city is one awesome choice to fulfill your adventurous desire to skydive. The location is simply astonishing and so is the experience of jumping of a helicopter and falling freely in the valley surrounded by Swiss Alps. The view of turquoise Lake makes the experience even more overwhelming. You can get some good deals from Sky Dive Interlaken and Outdoor Interlaken. They offer Bungy Skydive (340$) Airplane Skydive (441$), Helikopter Skydive Interlaken (461$), Lauterbrunnen Skydive (487$), Original Eiger Jump Grindewald (707$) and Self Pull Option (82$).

(These prices vary from season to season)

Interlaken Sky Diving

Interlaken Sky Diving Switzerland


Hawaii – USA

Hawaii has always been in the list of travelers owing to its magnificent beauty. It is an excellent spot for the beginners where they can carry out the activity with proper safety measures. You can enjoy your thrilling jump at the speed of 120mph within the clouds over the astonishing island of Hawaii. Next time you step in Hawaii, don’t forget to enjoy breathtaking jaunt of sky diving. You can book yourself one online via SkyDive Hawaii. They offer Tandem Skydive 12,000 ($250) and highest tandem in Hawaii 20,000′ (HALO-$998)

(These prices are revised every year)

Hawaii USA Skydiving

Hawaii USA

Mount Everest – Himalayas

Why not unravel your travel lust in the Mountain Range of Himalayas. To free fall in the highest Drop Zone of the world is indeed a holy grail for adventurous sky divers. It is a different experience and simply a venture to remember. There are snow capped mountains everywhere you see. The skydiving activity is offered from an oxygen-limiting height of 29,500ft. Some alluring offers are available at Everest Skydive. You can choose to skydive Solo (starts from $22,000) or Tandem (starts from $25,000).

(These prices are revised every year)

Mount Everest Skydiving

Skydiving Mount Everest Himalayas Nepal

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