Top three Caribbean Beach Vacations Destinations This Summer

Once the holiday season is approaching and you are planning your dream vacation, resort or hotel selection can be one challenging, confusing and frustrating thing. Where to stay, when to stay and stuff like this, there is a lot that can occupy your mind and this whole process is enough to crush the idea of a serene vacation. We are not going to take you into a long list of hotels or resorts but a few beach vacation destinations which you will not regret going at all.

  1. Jade Mountain Resort – Saint Lucia (West Indies)

Once you land at Hewanorra International Airport of Saint Lucia one of the magnificent Caribbean Islands of West Indies, the ambiance and the fresh, green surroundings are quite enough to elevate your vacation spirit. The cherry on the top is the Jade Mountain Resort which offers a service to pick you up from the airport.

Jade Mountain Resort Saint Lucia West Indies

They treat well and will engage you in several activities like volcano tour, snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving, sailing excursion and a lot more. You can book yourself a sun room with a private pool which you can enjoy to its fullest as the weather is mostly sunny and bright in the high season which is mostly from December till April. Although if you want to save opt for the low season from July till August when the prices are half or less then the high season.

Jade Mountain Resort Saint Lucia

This is one perfect beach destination where you can book yourself a mountain top suit to enjoy the spectacular views. The current Google rating for the Jade Mountain Resort is 4.7. The average price is 1,125$ although it can go high or low according to the season.

Jade Mountain Resort Saint Lucia Night View

Jade Mountain Resort West Indies

Jade Mountain Resort

  1. Your Own Chartered Yacht – British Virgin Islands (Caribbean)

Another alluring idea for a memorable and exciting vacation is to book your own comfortable yacht at British Virgins Island. BVI Yacht Charters is one company that is recommended for the job. Sail around the island, explore your own way, be creative and plan your vacation for days or weeks and enjoy the ride. This experience can be very different than staying at the hotels or beach resorts.

You can reach these islands via Cyril E. King Airport, International airport on St. Thomas and the Beef Island Tortola Airport. The whole sailing experience breaks the monotonous city life routine and takes you on another exciting trip where you can spend some quality time with yourself and your family. You can select the ports you want to stop and look around. The Yatch trip allows you to intermingle with several communities in a traditional old way when the ships and yachts were the mode of transportation. It’s indeed a different experience than the conventional air flights and car driving. The yacht booking price is 495$ per day. These prices are revised every year and also depend on the kind of ride you book.

Your Own Chartered Yacht British Virgin Islands

Your Own Chartered Yacht

  1. El Dorado Maroma – Riviera Maya (Caribbean Coast line – Mexico)

Caribbean being the most favorite for its warm weather throughout the year is filled with appealing beach destinations. One another great choice is Riviera Maya in Mexico close to Caribbean coastline. Perfect weather, Beach, Food and endless Aquatic Activities the Riviera Maya has it all. Now the next question is where to stay to compliment your perfect vacation plan, El Dorado Maroma is without any doubt the first choice of most tourists.

El Dorado Maroma Riviera Maya

El Dorado Maya is known for its upper-floor rooms which have plunge pools. There are swim-up suits which are connected to the main pool from the terrace. The service, deals and all the activities offered by El Dorado can make your summers more fun and entertaining.  The price of a comfortable and usually booked room is 500$ per night. Remember the fact that prices change every season so do some research before leaving.

El Dorado Maroma

The current Google rating for El Dorado Maya is 4.1. The perfect location of this beach resort is very close to Cancun International Airport. Peak season is usually from November till April, so if you are looking for a exclusive kind of location try the off season.

El Dorado Maroma Riviera Maya Carribean

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