Cruise Sailing tale to Niagara Falls – Toronto (Canada)

Ever since I have been to Canada, Niagara Falls is one spot which has always inspired me. Irrespective of the fact that Niagara Falls is the iconic attraction of Canada, it is my favorite for the reason that it is beautiful, awe-inspiring and simply amazing. Maybe one reason is that it is not one of those spots which are overrated and are just popular because they are supposed to be. A visit to Niagara can make you feel fresh and will delight your spirit.

The misty atmosphere and the sound of the falling waterfall always successfully overtakes the thoughts of my busy routine and instead replaces them with the relaxing and be in the moment ones. At this time of year, I planned another trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto. This time my idea of exploration involved cruise ride that opens usually at the start of May.

I stayed in a Hotel Best Western in Falls View, near Niagra Falls and set out for my first exploration in the morning. The trips can be booked in advance. My choice was the Hornblower Niagara Cruise boat. For all those who pre-book, the line is much shorter and fast moving. The adventure starts as you step in wearing the Souvenir raincoats (ponchos), and sail to the heart of Niagara Falls. The view is simply spectacular and so is the feel of cold mist, all around you.

You can also opt for the Journey behind the Falls where you can enjoy looking at the magnificent Horseshoe Falls which is the same height as a thirteen story building. An interesting fact about the Niagara Falls is that it is the source of one-fifth of the Fresh Water in the World. Some of the other enthusiasts can also go for the helicopter tour.

Another phenomenal experience was looking at the fireworks at night. The whole festivity in the atmosphere sets up the mood for a great view. The fireworks color the sky and in addition to the colorful lights on the Niagara Falls, this whole rainbow lighting arrangement can change your mood in nanoseconds. All you will feel is joyful as this festive ambiance is hard to resist. As soon as the fireworks start, the calmness interferes and the moods are transitionally uplifted giving away a Canadian Las Vegas vibe.

The blissful feeling will increase if you want to spend some time with yourself and go late, maybe around 1 or 2 am in the morning and enjoy the surreal and calm effect of this iconic waterfall. Believe me, you will enjoy just being there and being a part of this amazing creation of Nature that connects the two borders. Sometimes it is just good to be a part of something big.

The booking fee for Hornblower Boat Cruise and Journey Behind the Falls is is $19.95 and $15.95. You can book a Helicopter Tour for $155. The current Google rating for the voyage to this breathtaking falls is 4.7 stars. You can also book group tour and the prices depend on the season, although the bus tour to Niagara operated throughout the year is mostly for 79$ per person.

Here are the quick looks of my tour to Niagara. The beauty cannot be captured but its glimpse is there for you to enjoy.

The Tranquil look at Night Niagara Falls
Niagra Falls
Ruffled Niagara Falls in the Morning

Dancing Rainbow Lights Niagara Falls
Niagra Falls Night View

Spectacular Festive Fireworks Niagara Falls


Feel the mist Niagara Falls
Mist of Niagra Falls

Canadian Las Vegas Niagara Falls
Niagra Falls Canada Side

Riding a Hornblower Boat Cruise
Hornblower Cruise Boot


Video- Sound of thrashing Niagara Falls

A Refreshing Glance of Niagara Falls
Glance of Niagra Falls

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