Summer Holiday Destination for Music Lovers Boom – Belgium

Boom is comparatively a small town that offers a lot not only because it is located at the junction of Brussels, Antwerp and Mechelen, the three big cities of Belgium, also it is the venue of the biggest Musical Fiesta, Tomorrowland that takes place every year. If you are one of those who are crazy about music and can’t just survive without it, then choose Boom, and be a part of the worlds trending music festival. This year the festival will take place in July and you can be one of the million visitors who enjoy the fest.

Boom has a total population of 18000 Boomers, the name is used for inhabitants in general. The two nearest airports are Antwerp International Airport (ANR / EBAW) and Brussels Airport (BRU / EBBR). When you will land there are several options to stay like Hotel DOMUS, Vixx Hotel, Martin’s Patershof, Kasteel Solhof, Best Western Hotel Gulden Anker, Hotel Mercure Mechelen Vé, Secundo, Hotel Novotel Mechelen Centrum and Den Grooten Wolsack.

Saint Rumbold's Cathedral Boom Belgium

The hotels lie in every category from wooden barn structures to lavish modern facilitated ones. You can find some interesting features as individually decorated rooms in Hotel DOMUS, sauna and breathtaking view terraces in Vixx Hotel, 13th century chic hotel Martin’s Patershof, the 15th century ambiance in Brouwerij Het Anker, river view terrace in Hotel Mercure Mechelen Vé and a beautiful garden in Hotel De Basiliek which is run by a hospitable family since 1930s. Kasteel Solhof is another 15th-century moated mansion which is today a functional upscale hotel.


Although Boom is worldwide famous for the music festival, it offers some great site seeing places. You can start your exploration from Saint Rumbold’s Cathedral which stands there since the 1200s. When bored pay a visit to Provincial Recreatiedomein or De SchorreHetsteen, both serve as a venue for some interesting cultural and happening activities.

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium

If you are interested in reptiles and fish, you can find some unique species in Aquatopia. ZOO Antwerpen is famous for penguins and sea lion shows. For some picture perfect views visit Vrijbroekpark and Stadspark. Boom has several clay pits and brick factories, owing to the presence of clay in this area. So, you can also opt for one Brick Bicycle Tour.

Boom may not be a very happening place all along the year, but in summers, it sure is a happening place. Although, you might have to pre book your ticket to Tomorrowland (Music Festival) as the tickets are mostly sold out as soon as the date is announced. You can enjoy the festival and explore this awesome town in free time. Stay at a spot that interests and you enjoy Belgium delights like chocolate waffles, Carbonade flamande, Moules-frites and Gegratineerde witloof / Chicons au gratin. The common language in Boom is French and Dutch. English can also be handy at times.


Tomorrowland Boom


Vrijbroekpar Belgium

ZOO Antwerpen

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