The City of Gambling – Atlantic City

It is that time of the year when you are too much exhausted to go on with your work and sometimes, studies too. You are longing for a good break to relax on sunny mornings and enjoy the late night in casinos. Such is a place known Atlantic City in New Jersey, The United States. The place is known for its beach where the families would come and enjoy with their kids playing in the sea and boardwalk that would allow fitness people to have a good running /walking track, alongside the seashore.

The boardwalk has latest casinos owned by famous people, such as Donald Trump’s Casino – Trump Taj Mahal. Each casino has been designed on a different theme.

Around 35,000 people live in Atlantic city. It is located on Absecon Island and touches Absecon, Pleasantville, Brigantine, West Atlantic City, Ventnor City and the Atlantic Ocean.
Since it is located in South Jersey near the Atlantic Ocean, the place was considered to be a prime location for real estate people who would want to make it a recreational place. With that view, the Atlantic city is full of casinos and hotels with the sea view.

The first train service started in 1854 which would bring people from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Atlantic City. After 20 years of successful train service approval, around 500,000 people would travel to Atlantic City in rail. With time passing by, the place was developing and the largest hotel of the nation was built there called the United States Hotel. There are more than 600 rooms in the hotel on the 14 acres’ land. Furthermore, the hotels were meant to keep sand free. Therefore, some of the hotel owners decided to build a boardwalk that would stop the beach sand from getting in their hotels. As the boardwalk became popular for its efficacy, it was expanded more and more.

The city was rising with its popularity. Hence, a single rail service could not accommodate everyone. Keeping that mind, the Philadelphia and Atlantic Railway opened their services for more tourists to visit Atlantic City. In the 20th century, the place turned from boarding houses to big hotels such as Marlborough – Blenheim Hotel and the Traymore Hotel. Later on, in 1903, Josiah White III combined the two hotels, Marlborough – Blenheim and Bally’s Atlantic came into being.

The place has become an enjoyable resort that would give you sunbathing activities at the beach and at night you are enjoying music with good food and spending money in casinos. The life in Atlantic city has become just like it is in Las Vegas. The only difference is that Las Vegas is much bigger than Atlantic City, which makes Las Vegas, a large place for gamblers and known for nightlife.

Photo Source: Ridah Zafar PhotographyChallenge Family


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