Hiran Minar – An Example of Mughal Emperor’s Love

History sounds a boring discussion to many of us. It is the monuments, the landmarks that make history interesting. While visiting those ancient landmarks in today’s world, we see various glorious efforts made by our ancestors. In the past, we have seen that the Mughal Empire was one of the strongest and famous empires. Love was the most important thing for the emperors. One example of love can be envisioned through “Taj Mahal” in Agra. It was built by Shah Jahan for her beloved wife, Mumtaz. That is an example of love between two people. Furthermore, if we look in for the more interesting type of love in Mughal Era, we would come across Hiran Minar – the Minaret of a Deer. It is situated in Sheikhupura – farther away from Lahore, Pakistan.

In the past, that place was known for hunting for all the Muslim rulers, especially the Mughal emperors. The background story of Hiran Minar is interesting from a king’s point of view. Usually, we are told that kings are the most merciless creature on earth but, after knowing the story of Hiran Minar, many people’s perspective will change for the ruling power.

It is to believe that one fine day, the Mughal Emperor, Jahangir went on hunting with his friends on the site. He was hunting for another deer but unintentionally he killed his own pet deer. He could not hold on to the demise of Mansiraj – the deer, he ordered the labors to build a minar right there, where his deer died.

What could be a better love story between the king and his pet animal? Hiran Minar signifies the merciful emperors and the love from a human for an animal.

The beauty of Hiran Minar is that is built into the water tank. The serene beauty of water tank has called upon many tourists. The minar has been constructed in a way that each side of the minar has the water side where people and animals can come through the brick ramp to access the water. It is unlikely to have an efficient way of water collection in Pakistan, but the Hiran Minar has an extensive way of water collection as the building is in square form so each side has a small tank for water collection.

Though it is said that the Mughals were always in love with building mosques and gardens, but Hiran Minar is something different a Mughal emperor did to show his love towards nature. Have a look at it and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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