Michigan Lake – The Largest Lake of United States of America

The United States of America is one of the largest places where the natives would go around on vacations too. The people living there don’t find a reason to visit our countries unless they have not seen the whole America. It is full of lakes but most of the lakes are shared with Canada. Only, the Michigan Lake is one of the greatest lakes that is located in North America and is not shared on the Canadian shore.

It was first discovered by the Hopewell Indians but afterward, their downfall came in 800 AD. In the 17th century, Late Woodland Indians conquered the lake. It was in 1634 or 1638 when a French explorer, Jean Nicolet reached the Michigan Lake.

The name of the lake was invented from the Ojibwa word mishigami which means “great water“. On the east shore, it touches the Lake Huron through the wide waterway, Straits of Mackinac. The importance of Michigan and Huron is seen by the native Americans for there was a route called Michigan – Huron for the fur trade. The nearby states of Lake Michigan have Chicago, Indiana, Illinois, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Gary, Benton Harbor and Michigan. The south side of the lake has artificial harbors like Calumet Harbor, NE III The Muskegon and many others. The Chicago River would also flow in this lake but then it came back to its place in 1990.

To the north of Lake Michigan, the area is not much populated as compared to the southern part where Gary, Chicago, and Milwaukee are known as industrialized areas. But these areas have also polluted the lake’s water which is not good for its surroundings.

The east shore has an adequate climate for the survival and also it the best fruits are grown here. Coal. Ore and limestone are traded by the lake. Though the lake does not freeze in winters, the international trade also takes place but only halted from December to April to avoid any sort of inconvenience due to climate.

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