Penn’s Landing – Scenic Beach and Entertainment for Everyone

Penn’s Landing is one of the historical places in the United States of America. It is the seaside in the center of Philadelphia that moves along the river of Delaware. The name of that waterfront is honored for the landing of William Penn who founded Pennsylvania in 1682. Penn’s Landings west side has Front Street, on the east the Delaware River flows, whereas, the north is surrounded by the Spring Garden Street and south has the Washington Avenue called as Delaware Avenue.

It is managed by the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation that is a non-profit organization who is able to manage a public place like that.
The seaside, Penn’s Landing has fascinated its tourist by creating several events in the summer time and winter too.

In summers, the Friday nights are interesting and entertaining for the music lovers. The Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing has several concerts on the weekends that go on until the dawn. Moreover, at least 65,00 people can be accommodated in one concert at Great Plaza. It has a scenic beauty that is hovered by a panoramic view of the Philadelphia Skyline, the Delaware River and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge for the best ambiance.

There is a beach park at Penn’s Landing, called Spruce Street Harbor. A lot of tourists come to this side of Penn’s Landing to walk on the boardwalk that has a flowing of Delaware River. There are restaurants opened outdoor to enjoy the atmosphere with chairs and tables beside the beach.

Another heavenly outdoor entertainment is organized at the Blue Cross River Rink Summerfest. There is a play area for children, whereas, the adults can enjoy food and drinks throughout the events happening or they can even do ice skating. Usually, ice skating is one of the popular activities done by the adventurous people who want to fulfill their appetite of the adventurous journey before the winter comes.

Ever thought to watch movies under the stars? Yes, this looks unrealistic but what would you do if you get a chance to watch films under the open sky with full of stars and you are sitting with your loved ones? Well, if you have missed the last year festivals then you can always join in summer 2017 on every Thursday of July and August. Come along with your blankets, chair and watch big screen films while listening to the water at Delaware River.

The Riverlink Ferry is there to give you a 12 – minute ride to watch all the scenic beauty and spectacular skyline of Philadelphia. The best part is that the Ferry works on weekends only. That means you have plenty of time to use your weekends from May – September.

Furthermore, when it comes to winter, Penn’s Landing does not disappoint its tourists. The fireworks are one of the exciting activities that happen to be there twice a year. Once it is done on the new year’s night and a second time it happens on 4th of July to celebrate independence day of the United States.

For details of the events happening in Penn’s Landing during summer and winter, click here.

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