Katas Raj Temple – The Scenic Temple in Pakistan

If we talk about history, the history of sub-continent is an interesting topic to talk about. It had a two-nation theory and then it has exciting historical places that were ones owned by Hindus and Muslims in a remarkable era of subcontinent’s history. With the religious difference, Muslims and Hindus and still own different places in India and Pakistan. Such is a place in Chakwal, Pakistan called Katasraj Temple.

The temple is one of the oldest places in the history of Hindus that is situated in Pakistan. The temple was dedicated to the third Hindu God, Shiva for several reasons. People believe that when Shiva’s wife, Sati died, he mourned for her death truly that at least two ponds (one in Ajmer, Pushkara, second in Pakistan, Ketaksha) were created out of his tears and now it has miraculous powers, too. The word Ketaksha is derived from Sanskrit language meaning “raining eyes”. Also, these ponds are known as Katasraj and Naintal.

The temple came into being during the time of Mahabharata and Pandya brothers who spent their time on that site during their exile time period. After sometimes Krishna – the Hindu avatar converted that site into a temple to dedicate it to Shiva.

The government of Pakistan is contemplating to nominate the temple for World Heritage Site so that it can be taken care by international organizations, legally in order to restore the history of the temple.

Five years ago, the pond of the temple started to parch because most of the water was used for commercial purposes. Recently, the government has decided to mount shikharas – the mountain peak, on the temple.

There are few interesting historic pieces and weapons like axes, granite knives, bangles and pottery that have been discovered from the site. It is also said that Pandaya brother, Yudhishthira had also defeated Yaksha to bring his other brothers alive.

It is a beautiful temple and some of the old scripts also mention this site as a birthplace of Hindu God, Rama, and Ayodhya. Some of the Hindus have the conflict with the fact, thus they don’t celebrate Rama’s birthday or annual rituals in this temple. Some of those temples are named as; Ramachandra Mandir, Hanuman Temple, and Shiv Temple.

The local government is planning to keep the site clean and safe for its tourism and also because it is one of the interesting sites that draws from M-2 Lahore to Islamabad Motorway.

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