Cape Sōya – The Tip of Japan

“Travel brings power and love back to your life”, Rumi – the Persian Muslim poet once said. Certainly, we cannot deny the fact that traveling makes us alive. Most of us travel the world to take a break from our boring and tiring routine. Traveling teaches us different norms of different societies which would add on to our general state of a sane human being.

The world is full of adventures and those countries, states and cities make us lively when makes ventures to them. We have seen that people have become civilized more than ever that once this planet was called “The Earth” and now it has categories like “The First World Countries”, “The Second World Countries” and “The Third World Countries”. The civilized people have made those categories to differentiate themselves from others.

Hence, sometimes, a person from the third world country would always want to visit the first world countries or second world countries to see what has made them all at the top level. Moreover, such people become the great travelers.

Japan is one of the first world countries but some of us wouldn’t like to visit it but the historians would always like to go to see Mount Fuji, the Hiroshima apocalypse, and other historic places.

Cape Soya is situated in the north of Japan at Hokkaido Island. That is the end point of Japan territory. Going to Cape Soya is not that easy. It’s a tiring journey while taking a flight from Tokyo to Sapporo in Hokkaido and then make an 8 – hour drive to Wakkanai. You shouldn’t worry about the 10 – hour journey as the road trip to Hokkaido have really a scenic beauty. The green plains, the skylines of Tokyo, the cool wind, seaside and rice fields accompany you on your way to Cape Soya.

Wakkanai is the last town of Japan and from there you can reach Cape Soya within 30 minutes. You can always get a room in Wakkanai and come back from Cape Soya. September is your month to go and explore the site. There is a triangular monument that would tell its visitors that they have reached Cape Soya – the tip of Japan. Also, the tip has a statue of samurai – Rinzo Mamiya, traveler who mapped out Sakhalin island which is in the south of Wakkanai and connects to Russia.

The place has souvenirs shops and scenery too. The scenic beauty includes the spectacular hills and the wide sea view from the peninsula. Probably, we haven’t gone that far in any other country. Therefore, when the travelers come to Cape Soya, they feel conquered, a sense of fulfillment to know that finally, they have reached the end of something with scenic beauty aside.

There is a Monument of Peace that was constructed by Japanese and Americans to dedicate it to the life of soldiers in Pacific War (1941 – 1945). Also, there is a tower that was owned by the old navy to watch out for Russian Baltic Fleet in the Japanese –Russo War (1904 – 1905).

It’s not that you cannot go to Cape Soya in winters but if you go, remember it is next to Alaska, maritime border to Russia – the coldest place on the Earth.

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