Essaouira – The City of Sea Winds

Are you planning to make a wonderful adventurous trip? Can you imagine the place that is made for everyone? Like everyone, for the shopaholics to scuba divers and someone who is interested in botany, families, and couples. To your amazement, Essaouira is a city of Morocco where you would enjoy every bit of your life and do whatever you love to do.

The famous place where Game of Thrones episodes was shot. In the HBO series, the place Astapor, the home of unsullied was shot in Essaouira. The place is known for its various elements such as Europe, Arab and African mixture, putting all together in one place.

As the name says Essaouira, it is an Arabic word and pronounced as “es-Sweera“. It is such a magical word that when you say it, that gives you a feel of cool breeze around you, somewhere in the trees. In the modern times, Essaouira is referred as “a little rampart“. The ramparts are enclosed walls that would take care of the city within the walls. Those walls are built to defend the city from sea winds in today’s time.

The city is a combination of history and adventure. It is a fortification of the Moroccan seaside on the Atlantic coast. The city has allowed people to trade legally. The golden walls are made near the sea to protect the beauty of the city – the whitewashed houses from the sea waves. The city has taken many nationalities attention like Portuguese, Berber, Jewish, French and Dutch for its originality and uniqueness of having a sea, unlike other cities of Morocco.

The list of attractions of the city would go on. People who would like to make an adventurous trip where they can dive in or do water surfing, Essaouira seaside is great for such activity. You will have the feel of adventure when the cool breeze would get into your nose, hair and sometimes mouth. Many people have enjoyed that type of madness in the coastal town.

For anyone who is interested in buying lots of argan oil, Morocco is the country that is rich in producing argan products. Essaouria also lets its visitors buy all the argan products that the buyer would need. The process of taking out material from argan trees is interesting as the women would use old weapons to take out the oil. Since, it is a manmade effort to take out argan from trees, the argan products are expensive to buy but worth buying those products.

You might be tired of going to places that have shops or places to walk around but you cannot experience anything yourself. The craving of an adventure trip could be fulfilled in Essaouria. The place gives a chance to a professional and amateurs to try different water sports activities, each at their own level.

Not only you need to get in the water to make it a memorable trip, but you can always choose horse riding around the coastlines of Essaouira. It is a great activity if you don’t want to travel on foot. Galloping through the coastlines and watching everything from the sea view is also an adventure in its own kind.

The best time to plan your trip is now! Yes, the early spring that would give you a moderate climate with a cool breeze and clear sky. Should you know that July and August are the months of wind. Basically, April and May would be the appropriate months to travel. You can always go in T- shirts, and swimsuits if you want to go on the beach. In order to avoid sunburn, you should put on sunscreen and a hat on your face.

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