Lake Myvatn – Popular Attraction for Bird Lovers

If you are fond of water and serene beauty, Lake Myvatn is your next destination. The volcanic lake is located in the north of Iceland with fascinating views around it. There is a village on the northeastern called Reykjahilio village. Basically, that village is one resource to get to know about the Lake Myvatan. The village is commercialized enough to provide regular needs of its inhabitants like restaurants, swimming pool, and hospitals etc.

The name of the lake has been invented by two Icelandic words; “my” means midge and “vatn” means lake that makes it the lake of midges. Usually, the midges are found in summers in that lake. The east side of Myvatn has a sauna bath place called as Myvatn Nature Baths that is known for the best water which is rich in minerals that make it a healthy bath. People dip themselves in the soothing bath that is natural and calm.

The breathtaking view of birdlife near the lake has no comparison with anything else more serene in the world, mainly the ducks with other birds on the waterside. The Bird Museum is one more place that you should not miss it. If you are a bird lover, you will really enjoy the place. You will find several types of birds there and mostly you will see different types of ducks on the lake.

Not only it is loved by the tourists, but the site is refreshing for athletes too since the year 2000. There are several hiking routes that one can always go on.

One of the other attractions in Lake Myvatn is Hverastrond Sulphur Springs. The place has a solar location with sulphuric acid boring into the ground. It is situated at the foothill, Namafjall (Mine Mountain). The person can go through Namaskaro (Mine Pass) to reach the destination.

The rock formation of the twisted towers is flawless when it comes to creating an impression about dramatic structures. You can only witness this beauty nowhere else but in Dimmuborgir, the rock formations. They cannot be found in any other place than on this dry land.

Getting there is not a big deal. There are two ways to reach Lake Myvatn, either you can take the road from south Husavik or the road on the Laugar.

The beautiful and serene Lake Myvatn is waiting for you!

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