Ounila Valley – Best Choice for Spring Holidays

Spring is here! It is the best time to breathe some fresh air. Your workaholic life must have exhausted you, how about you go for a vacation? A place where greenery will surround you. You will love the voice of water going in the valley. Yes, that place is called Ounila Valley. It is a river that has taken a shape of narrow valley and floats in Ait Ben Haddou and Telouet in the south of High Atlas Mountains.

Traveling through the valley depends on the time you can actually spend on it. To have a different experience, camel back is the best way to cross the valley. You can also visit the exquisite valley by traveling in a car or by walking down the alley.

The spring colors are awesome with the blooming almond trees, gardens with various types of flowers and most importantly, the beauty of mountains filled with the snow looks great from a distance. It is recommended that the tourists should spend at least two days in the Ounila Valley while visiting the Moroccan Sahara Desert or Southern Oases.

Basically, in the historical time period, the Ounila Valley was traded route to Marrakech from sub- Saharan Africa. While going on that route, High Atlas Mountains impeded at the Telouet Pass.

Ounila Valley consists of cliffs made of sand, desolated hilly areas and with typically constructed rundown kasbahs. The tourists will see some old caves on the front side of the cliffs, where ancient people would preserve grains and cereals. It is believed that those caves were owned by nomadic people who saved their crops from heavy rainfall.

Ounila Valley is considered to be a revised version of Nile River that is situated in Egypt. It has the almost the same surroundings; palms, fields, green trees, barren areas in Egypt just like Ounila Valley has in Morocco.

The producers of Game of Thrones (G.O.T) really eyed this beautiful location for their upcoming seasons. If you are the G.O.T fan, you must know about Yunkai and Astapor. You will be amazed to know that those two places were shot in Ait-Ben-Haddou along with Ounila Valley.

What are you waiting for? Plan your spring vacations to enjoy the greenery in Morocco at Ounila Valley.

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