Wye Valley – Best Summer Destination in Wales

Summer is around the corner. How about get going to cooler places on weekends? Especially, if you are in England, Wye Valley is your destination. Why? The reason to choose that location is that it is on the fifth number when it comes to the list of longest rivers in the United Kingdom.

The river is surrounded by natural beauty with the attractive countryside that bordered between England and Wales. Just like its Latin name Vaga – meaning wandering, Wye river is an interesting river where the tourists would wander off to look at scenic limestone valley with the essence of wildlife, historical pieces from natural land and woodlands. As we are talking about the history of Wye Valley, another fact is the birth of tourism industry. Since, it is a countryside where people earn money by becoming a tour guide, farmer or working in the forestry.

The valley is rich in keeping natural inhabitants of wildlife such as ravens, goshawks, horseshoe bats and peregrine falcons. Also, a colorful moth type called Oechophota bractella are found numerously in the area.

Wye Valley has an interesting history with iron actually came from there with the help of timber wood, ore, and charcoal from the Forest of Dean.

Basically, the valley is a great asset for transport industry for the reason that it maintains the trees in a better way so that the wood can be used to build ships. Most of the people would buy timber to make ships and start trading off with their finished products. Gradually, the valley’s commercial success started wearing off and so people no more demanded those products.

If you are a big fan of canoeing and kayaking, Wye Valley reserves proper ways to go in the downstream from one end to the other. You don’t need to worry if canoeing would be your first time experience. The place has supervisors and canoeing experts that you can hire so that you don’t get lost on your way to find the camping places near the riverside. Canoeing is a wonderful lifetime experience!

If you are not that fond of water, then you can always take a long walk at Wye Valley Walk that borders the river in some places. Don’t worry if you are thinking to get lost because the walking place is well-maintained and has way-marked paths. It is a good treat for the photographers who are always searching for breathtaking views.

So photographers, daredevils, and athletes what are you waiting for? You have a place now where you can enjoy walking across the river or running down in the river and enjoy the scenic beauty of Wye Valley.

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