The Romantic Road – Scenic Route in Germany

Are you ready to walk on a road that leads to scenic beauty and a perfect destination for honeymoon travelers? If so, then Romantic Road, Germany is your last stop. In the southern Germany, the road is symbolized as “theme route”. It was developed by some creative travelers in 1950s. That highway is between Wurzburg and Fussen which are situated in the south of Germany along with Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg that leads to beautiful and ancient castles and towns.

Previously, the romantic road was used for trade purposes. In the modern times, the highway represents an ideal German culture and scenery. The highway is scenic and has so much to offer from culture to landscapes to culinary delights. You will find forests and mountains of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg along its way.

At its north, Wurzburg is situated with extremely beautiful and lavish palaces that were once the home of prince-bishops. The north place is known as the city of wine with the extravagant palace of the 18th century that has Tiepolo paintings on its wall. The foothills of Alps can be seen in the south in Fussen, nearby King Ludwig II’s iconic Neuschwanstein Castle. There are bright green valleys with the combination of rocky high mountains seems like a magical castle just like in the fairy tales.

The country, Germany is known for showing different types of cultures that it used to have in the past. It is a blended mixture of innovative and eternal tradition that is complemented with the scenic beauty of landscapes, beautiful cities, and heavenly rural areas to be seen with masterpieces of arts and fabulous palaces.

The Romantic Road is one of the 13th places that comes under the banner of “original tourist route”. Though there have been made several other routes to lead many other exciting destinations, but still, no route has competed from the Romantic Road. Furthermore, the Focus Magazine considered it to be one of the renowned places for holidaymakers in Germany.

Don’t worry if you think you will lose your way. All you need is follow the brown signs that are connected to towns individually when you are on the Romantic Road. For the people who are riding bicycles or motorcycles, they need to follow the green signs. Hikers! You can also enjoy the road if you follow the blue signs. The route is genuinely scenic with the passing of extremely magical countryside and villages.

There is too much to explore on your way to the Romantic Road. The best time to plan your vacation for this place is late summer or as soon the autumn starts. During that time the grapes would be ripped off from its plants in the Wurzburg and beautiful geraniums will accompany you from the old walls of towns like Rothenburg and Dinkelsbuhl.

In case if you wish to visit it a little late, then visit during Christmas where the village markets are showing its amazing colors in the lights and the snow gives a mesmerized feeling just like a cherry on the top.

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