The Walk of French Culture at Loire River

If you are looking forward to visiting the real French culture, then Loire River valley is your destination. The valley is an acclaimed region for the finest wine production with fruity and fresh flavors along with asparagus fields and artichoke. All of them can be seen along the valley way. This will not come to you as a surprise that the Loire has France’s third largest wine and regionally it is the second largest area that produces sparkling wine (after Champagne). The tourists can taste those wines while visiting the Loire River.

It is one of the destinations with favorable weather in the France. The climate is moderate in that valley, therefore, it balances the juicy taste of wine and alcohol. In the spring, the climate seems cool whereas, the harvesting months of wine might be rainy. As for the summers, it is hot but Atlantic breezes complement the temperature.

Those plantations are not created in today’s world, in fact, everything in that valley dwells in the Middle Palaeolithic period. The place is famous for its ancient towns and castles. Also, the valley had palaces for pleasures and sometimes held significance for Kings and queens who would make feudal castles. There are almost three hundred chateaux that are built around the valley. The chateaux are designed with the thought of cultural monuments from Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment.

The valley did not only suffice the physical environment but also it gave voices to many singers who have composed a song of books that is totally dedicated to the Loire River.

The valley walk is a glorified experience for its lush green plantation and vineyards with interesting fortresses. In today’s world, the Loire River castles have turned into private homes, bed and breakfast and other interesting tourist sites.

Traveling to the historic cities of the Loire Valley, a train is the finest transport system that can get you from one town to the other. The Loire River is best for adventurous people who can go there for camping and do cycling as well.

After Riveria and Paris, the Loire River is the most famous attraction for tourists for its beauty bordering the countryside and prominent vineyards that increase the number of visitors. For its lovely architecture, scenery, vineyards, the Loire River valley was accumulated by UNESCO in the World Heritage Sites in the year 2000.

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