The Colca Canyon – World’s Largest Canyon

Peru is the dream location for people who want to relax and spend some good time with their loved ones. It has an exciting valley called the Colca Canyon. The canyon is considered as one of the deepest canyons in the world. It gives an interesting insightful of the bedrock to the river bottom. The canyon is situated in the South of Peru. Therefore, whoever is visiting Peru, should visit the awesome deep canyon. Though it is the world’s largest canyon but it is the second deepest valley in Peru after Cotahuasi Canyon and two times deeper than the Grand Canyon in the United States.

The natural inhabitants of Colca Canyon are the Andean condor. The interesting species has gotten enough attention to the worldwide conservation efforts. Those condors have become one of the attractions of a canyon as they fly past at a close range. The tourists can enjoy the condor taking flights. The canyon was once named as Spanish colonies.

Therefore, people of Colca Canyon continue to follow the traditions and cultural values that their ancestors had in the past. The broader picture of Peru in Colca Canyon is completed with the Andean peasants who are dressed according to their tradition.

The place is also named as “Eternity Bird” because those people think that a bird is a symbol of long life and eternity. There are other interesting species too, like hummingbird, deer, fox and vicuna.

Peru has cultural attractions too. One of the most famous cultural heritage of Peru is Wititi festival in Chivay. Chivay has a natural hot spring called the La Calera. It has other hot springs too that were constructed for tourism purposes. The place is also recognized for its crafts and clothing.

The Colca Canyon has a highland at its foothill in the Sangalle region called Oasis. The experience becomes magical with palms trees and transparent water in the river. You need to walk up to Oasis for at least three hours. The road taking you down to the Oasis is really narrow where the tourists sometimes run into each other as it is foggy there. The climate of the Oasis goes from different levels of temperature, cold to hot.

The Colca Canyon is a lifetime experience for people who want to do adventures in their lives such as hiking, climbing, rafting etc. You should visit the canyon between December to March. It is advisable to wear layers while going to the Colca Canyon, for the mountains are high and temperature changes accordingly. So you can get off the layers as the temperature suits you.


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