Pir Chinasi – Trio of Nature in Pakistan

Nature is blissful. The green plains, the red mountains, and blue skies, where else would you find this trio of nature other than in Pakistan. The country of greenery. It is one of the countries that is counted as heaven on earth. The Northern Pakistan is the most beautiful area where you will find the best combination of nature.

One of the places in Pakistan with scenic beauty is Pir Chinasi, Muzaffarabad District in Azad Kashmir. The hilly area has breathtaking views and magnificent landscapes. The name of the green plain was named after a renowned Saint called Shah Hussain Bukhari. His believers come to Pir Chinasi to purify themselves mentally.

Pir Chinasi is bordered with pine forests and oak trees that give pleasant summers and snowy winters to its tourism. The area is good for camping. While camping, you can enjoy bonfires, seasonal fruit parties and witness the magical sunset and sunrise. Camping is a better option because during the season it is difficult to find a hotel. Secondly, it has such beautiful landscapes that one should spend days and nights under the clear sky.

Visiting Pir Chinasi is a lifetime experience. It is one of those places where you can feel the clouds near you, hovering around you. The majestic clouds, the wonderful weather is a real treat for people who want to refresh their minds, relax and come back at work in a good mood. At night the visitors can enjoy starry night and in the day hiking is the best activity. There is a point where you don’t hear anything else than the serene voice of waterfall.

The road to Pir Chinasi is adventurous. It has many turns and sometimes, they are bumpy and sharp. But in the end, the road trip is fun when you go in jeeps and pick-ups. You can keep your luggage or camp in nearby areas like Pir Asimar, Saran, Jarra Phirran and more. From there, you can hike to Pir Chinasi or jeep is another way to reach there.

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