Alacati – The Town of Windsurfing Tournaments

Turkey is a beautiful country that has scenic beaches and amazing architecture. Most people visit Turkey for Bodrum – a place full of beaches. Though Bodrum is an awesome place to go in summers, but there is another place that is not known by many people. It is called Alacati that is situated in Izmir province. The place is decorated by amazing Aegean beaches with concrete streets and open-air comfortable restaurants with a friendly ambiance. Alacati gives a tranquilizing effect to its tourists as the short-height mountains are reaching the skies and the turquoise sea looks serene. The seaside on the Turkish Aegean coast is something that we all need to see to have a peaceful mind and relax there for some time.

Alacati is known for its architecture, vineyards, and windmills from the past fifteen decades. The interesting part of Alacati is the construction of the houses that are made of stones and the contracted streets. Those houses built with ivory stones and rustic hotels are still there to know what the 14th-century architecture looked like. The Greek art can be recognized by the stone houses that are called as Otto-Greco houses that are ten decades old. Those houses have walled terraces that are painted in lilac or pale blue. In 2005, Alacati was claimed to be a historical site. Since then it is protected by its people. There have been made new houses that represent the old architecture of Alacati. The hotels have old wooden doors with pastel colored window shutters that are covered with purple and pink bougainvillea.

The nightlife of Alacati is accompanied at the beaches that have nightclubs and they are open all night until dawn. It is also the home for Alacati ferry dock and prominent Port Alacati development which was constructed by the French architect Francois Spoerry and his son, Yves Spoerry.

Alacati is also known for its winemaking art and it has several wine factories that cover the whole region of Cesme. In the modern times, it has gained its popularity in windsurfing.

One of its natural balms is called Mastic. It is a little thick liquid that can be chewed. The natural resin comes from the mastic tree when cut down. While you chew, the balm becomes soft and translucent white with its gooey substance. At first, the material is little sour but with time it gives a refreshing taste like Mediterranean maple syrup. People of Alacati use the balm or you can say the semi-liquid material in their desserts such as puddings and ice creams that are consumed after dinner.

Every time in April, the Alacati Herb Festival comes that is held to promote environment-friendly methods of cooking and use of herbs that are grown in the town. This year, in April 2017, there is a festival coming up called “Kaybolan Lezzetier Festival” that is acknowledged as “Festival of the Disappearing Tastes” that will have recipes from the herbs and plants that are going into extinction.

Alacati is chosen as a wonderful destination for windsurfing and many magazines on windsurfing has nominated the place as a place for beginners where they can learn windsurfing. The schools in Alacati has all the material for canoeing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. Recently, the town has decided to host international windsurfing championships and tournaments such as the world’s famous tournaments of windsurfing – the Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA) World Cup in August.

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