Toli Pir – The Northern Pakistan’s Beauty

The beauty of Pakistan lies in its northern areas where you experience the actual nature. Every summer, the tourism of Pakistan is enhanced when people go in those areas. The hilly areas are lush green and the sky looks beautiful with the cotton-like clouds. Pakistan’s scenic beauty is unmatched globally. Such is a place is Toli Pir in Pakistan. It is situated in the district of Rawalakot in the Poonch District, Azad Kashmir. The drive to Toli peer is beautiful and easy from Rawalakot.

Once you reach the top of Toli Pir, it is picturesque. The tourists can view Poonch River from the hilltop. The hilltop is one of the highest areas of Rawalakot. There are almost three ranges that can be seen from Toli Pir. The further you climb a range; the beautiful view you would see. There is a religious sanctuary in that mountainous area, usually known as mazar by Muslims.

Did you ever notice the Windows wallpaper with green and blue contrast? Though it is a real photo taken by another photographer, but the same harmony of colors can be witnessed on the hilltop, Toli Pir. While walking up on the lush green plains, tourists can see the blue sky with clouds hovering over them. Sometimes, those clouds come down at our level.

Toli Pir is a good start for people who want to become professional hikers and mountain climbers. That is an exuberant experience. The place seems dreamy and it takes out all the negative energy within you. When you see the beautiful plains, you throw off all the burden that you have brought it in your mind before you reached the destination.

It is fun to go to such places with friends who are fun loving and adventurous too. The best time to go there is between April – September. Yes, the summertime is suitable to go there to refresh yourself mentally and physically with the mazar situated there.

It is also accessible in February where you can see the mountain is covered with snow. But it is not hard to climb the snowy mountain. In fact, it is fun to go there when you can make snowballs and throw it on your friend’s faces. Some of the areas would be dried out. So you can sit there and have food. The food plan is totally on you because hardly, there is only one restaurant but that does not really entertain good food. You can plan for the Bar B Cue. It is the best choice for food according to the weather you are going in.

Each year, several trips from Islamabad go to Toli Pir. It takes four hours from Islamabad to reach the exquisite destination. One can plan a day trip to Toli Pir with several adventure groups and tours. Make sure that you go with official tours only.

Summers are almost here! Start planning from today.

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