Montego Bay – Water Sports Destination in Jamaica

The fifth month of the year is about to begin! Super summertime is just around the corner. We have already made so much out of springtime. Let’s plan for the summer activities. All of us have missed those water fighting, swimming, and other water sports. Well, the time of the year has come where we can relive those moments with our friends and family.

This May, how about you plan for Montego Bay in Jamaica? The bay is known for its cruise ship and several beach resorts. How about you enjoy some of the sun bathing and dive into the sea to experience the marine life? Not a bad idea, right? So let’s see what can you do in Montego Bay.

Montego Bay is not anything itself, but it has certain attractions in the shape of beach resorts, recreational parks, and natural water sports. The tourists of Jamaica are there to enjoy snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving, boating and much more. Don’t be afraid if it would be your first time to go in the water. The natural water is somewhere clean and also there are professionals at all beaches that are ready to help you.

One of the popular beaches at Montego Bay is Doctor’s Cave Beach. The beach was founded in 1906 that is situated between the Marine Park and Hip Strip. The transparent water acclaims to have minerals. Therefore, this beach is clean and alluring with the white-sand alongside and looks serene.

If you are a really party goer, then Montego Bay is the best destination for you. It has the lively nightlife with the peaceful sea. On your way to the seaside, you will come across several markets of handicrafts in the open-air Harbour Street market and the “hip strip” shops in the Gloucester Avenue. You might be wondering what is “hip strip” or why is that place called as the hip strip? Well, the nightlife is there with bars, clubs, and restaurants. It is one of the busiest areas where people are moving and running into each other. The music is louder than the sea waves. You always get a chance to enjoy free-flowing drinks with some good rock music. Montego Bay is a second home for the party animals who want to sing and dance all night.

Montego Bay is considered to be the two-faced place. One face is the face of peace and calmness. It is covered with the glossy brochures that tell you about its activities on the beaches. But no one would really like to see the second face – considered as the busiest city. The second face becomes noisy with car horns and all that thought about peace and calm face just disappears from your mind. The Hip Strip in Gloucester Avenue parts the two faced Montego Bay into two halves. It is considered as a divider between peace and noisy place.

If you are adventurous and you want to try sea diving, the Widowmaker’s Cave would give you the best experience in sea diving. You can swim the serene river of Martha Bae with a bamboo raft.

There are other resorts too where you can get away from all the past tensions and enjoy the summertime to the fullest. You can sail with Jamaica Water Sports. It allows you to sail in a freestyle near the Caribbean. You can enjoy the benefits of having a private charter.

Fishing is also enjoyed by many tourists. There are several spots where the tourists can enjoy fishing. You can always go for snorkeling in those areas and enjoy the deep blue sea all by yourself. The snorkeling equipment is given to you by the charter.

Just like a cherry on the top, did you know you can sail your own boat? Sunwave Mini Boat Tours allow you to have the lifetime experience of sailing in the Aqua Sol Beach Park. There will be a small briefing on the safety. A demo would be given to you that how can you sail the boat safely. The professionals at Sunwave come along with you in their own boat. They will be ahead of you to take care of upcoming hurdles on your way to sailing.

The fun begins as you sail your own boat. Let the fun begins now!

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